I Arrive

admin_general - Posted on 03 May 2021

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


Emotions don't let them get the best of you that's the Golden Rule I think it's A Catch 22 a f*****-up double-edged sword you're damned if you show emotions yet if one is emotionless you hit them with Your Best Shot firing away what is one to do what am I to do hell this is an answer that has not been answered that's the flaw in the twist of emotions and this is not a poem my thoughts just kind of flow out of me like this emotions they are feelings that can be turned into action once this energy has been tapped into or and shifted are they to be contained or are they to be released????? Character there's a fine thin line between the two emotions and character. What's the difference between those two...... The trade-off is in the truth.... or is it IN how one is viewed...... My Character is Genuine And Pure-Natured i Pride Myself On My Being Honest Which Has to do With TRUTH... CHARACTER and Truth Thin Line Between Those 2..... 


I am emotional the outward Outburst I display that appears to be negative energy is not to be put on my being's character it is my truth And YOURS TOO...this is an outrageous traumatizing situation


Traumatizing health hazardous and downright dangerous my emotions and my character and the truth of the deal is you got me f***** up it appears to be one way and it really is another it's an illusion due to the trans4mation of the transition in the tone of my voice and my body language which my spirit and soul do a little dance exuding a powerful energy out into the air changing the atmosphere Shifting the power captivating the authority to just be I don't need your permission your outlook and view of things are warped 



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