BE ONE with Chucks

admin_general - Posted on 11 May 2021

by AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


Uncle Chucky's came back 7 months after the fact he's gone again just that quick me and my mom prayed that he would return back we were hoping we got the opportunity to see him for his birthday he will be turning 33 years old it's been very difficult not knowing where he is Chuck's a loner always has been he showed up in the wee hours I heard a light knocking on my door kind of like tapping normally I don't answer weird sounds from the door but I told myself I wasn't going to be scared of answering my own door I found the door open courageously I said who is it calm and collected there was my baby brother Chucky he entered hesitantly I threw my arms around him gave him a hug he pulled back and said no Audrey I said yes Chucky he laughed I giggled we embraced and I closed the door behind him he stood in the middle of the floor looking with an odd stare and Blank Stare I observed him it was my brother indeed he say Audrey is that you I said ya fool I offered him something to eat is you hungry yeah a little Chucky replied with the real low voice okay I said make yourself at home you already know he said thank you I agree we caught up it was hard to have a conversation with him because his conversation is much like my brother Tyrone conversation you got to know one to understand the other I called my mother immediately to let her know I got your son he made his way to me I was happy that he made his way to me cuz mom lives in a whole nother City now that's why it's important to stay connected with family you should always have a safe haven to hide you should always have a phone number or two that will remain the same years to come and have an Escape Route when in danger or in fear I called for my sons Amir n Zaire to come down and greet they uncle normally I would have had them take some pictures together but I wasn't able to do so on this visit Chucks was too out of it so I remained in the moment Trying to cherish The TIME we Have ... even if it's just for a moment this family time is much needed I love my brother and want nothing but the best for him he's a nice caring nurturing kind person he's very honest and likes to be in nature because of this it's hard to catch up to him me I'm a city girl everything is fast fast pace with me I talk fast I move fast I am fast my brother he's the opposite calm cool structured patient and collected. I actually wish I was more like him. He Is Good in his Skin. I am Not... I take that Back !!!


On another Note, I Am My Brother's Keeper... Come on in Corona And Covid 

Friends of My Baby brother If you With him you with Him ... Chucks Walked For 1 day n a half to Get To Me on his Journey to Family...  so much Time Lost Where you been Chucky, I been Audrey, Is you gone Stick Around for your birthday Chucky This is Your birthday month... 

I Don't  Know...



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