Doing My Part

admin_general - Posted on 02 June 2021

By: AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

Health and wealth, Democrats, Republicans and the great words of Minister King and Malcom X. Man, I've had enough of them currently in the city of Oakland, California. Enough of dealing with the politics at 250 Frank Ogawa Plaza. The tables have turned this year. Election term fail. The 400-year mark of the slaves, and a slave masters role has been switched.

The world's politics and local politics are forever changed. Donald Trump is no longer the president of the United States of America. And as for Lynette McElhaney, she is no longer a part of the City Council as we know it to be. Everything has a set time, an ending date. What is important is what one did while they were in a place of power and authority.

What does one want to be recognized for? The tapestry of the Duty and Oath that one has taken? That is what really counts, at least in God's eyes. It is important for those who are placed in a position to make change to do so, and not utilize their position for self gain or recognition or celebrity and fame. However, not everyone is given a platform to lead. That role and position is very important.
I wonder now that positions have come to an end, can our former leaders live with their decisions? This is a question I'm sure many Ponder. However, what one should Ponder is what did you do, or are you doing, personally to make change. If we each individually do our part, that self-accountability goes a long way. Once one is given a platform and put in a place of power and authority, that is where true character comes into play....
To have the strength not to be selfish, but to be selfless, is a true gift that very few can offer. It is based on accountability and one's nature to operate in one's highest vibration. Fighting the flesh and temptation to rule over the land and the people, leading them down a road of destruction. Well, those are my thoughts, and more importantly, this is real talk with real people. I am AudreyCandyCorn doing my part, being the change that I want to be and see. Until next time my friends...


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