From the Start of the Trip

admin_general - Posted on 11 August 2021

From the Start of the Trip

By Israel Westyn


From the start of the trip, it’s the second time going with Poor Magazine. And it's a good experience because I get to learn about the liberation of the people and myself.


And I am still learning how to be decolonized myself, because I am still colonized. In some ways, this is a process. This way, with Poor Magazine, you can learn about the truth, about people killed and abused. To this they call America. In reality it's the USA and they try so hard to hide it, to colonize the way they want it. I learn a lot more about different countries, like Japan, Philippines, the First Nations, Chief Plenty Wolf, and Lynn Eagle Feather. We’re still dealing with the colonized thing, and the police don’t want to admit it. That’s the reason we are still fighting it. To show the truth from the ancestors and the schools that don’t teach the real histories.


So that is the reason we continue to do these tours, in order to let our youth poverty skolaz continue to fight and be decolonized from the system. And stop selling Mother Earth.


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