Reflections #3

admin_general - Posted on 15 August 2021

Reflections #3

Momii Palapaz

August 1, 2021

After riding hundreds of miles with 5 people in a packed car, I would do it again. It was most of all an experience of gratitude and awakening.  


I am impressed with the youth poverty skolaz, Amir and Tibu. These guys are tough and curious. They care and are fun.


As I get older, I don’t care when I get sad or mad and people are witnesses. This Amache experience, over the years, has taught me there is so much more to uncover. Many issues of Japanese Americans and our colonization are yet to be admitted.


The schedule and commitments every day kept us active and aware. Thank you Tiny, Muteado, Israel, Tibu and Amir. I am learning so much from you all, like looking at an issue from another angle, with deeper critical thinking. Thanks for accepting me into the POOR FAMILIA.


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