Poverty, Race, Disability, Youth, Elder Scholarship: Empathy Exercise

admin_general - Posted on 15 August 2021

Poverty, Race, Disability, Youth, Elder Scholarship/Empathy Exercise

By Matsu Momii


Person #1: God is good all the time.


Person #2: My life on the streets has been hard.  I’ve been homeless now for almost 15 years.  The time has gone by so fast it seems.  But I’ve met a lot of awesome people that I love and call my family.


Person #3: Got caught stealing a vehicle and it changed my life.


Answer to question #2: To have brothers and (?) and everything I can do to...


Person #4: I was just released from prison.  I don’t know anyone out here in Denver.  I haven’t been able to even get my I.D. or a food card.  I got a case manager Monday but she was so bossy I couldn’t do my case management.  I have another case manager appointment this coming Wednesday.  I should be able to find housing, a food card and vouchers for my I.D. -Brent Johnson


Person #5:  Wake up and do the right thing for a (?).  


Person #6:  Being a man of God and putting people’s lives and family’s children before myself.  I thought it would be the way for all of us to become one family, all together in truth and understanding with everything this country was supposed to be.  Truth, liberty, respect, loyalty and understanding, love, and, with confidence that we all can stand equally with all no matter the differences. -Anthony Northeus, Ayers a.a.


Person #7:  In 2020 I stayed at Arkins down by the river and was there for about a year and we were stable.  Down there people were getting themselves together.  We were like a little community.  Then, they come to sweep.  Most people lost everything like their IDs, birth certificates, their homes, and priceless things that can’t be replaced.


Answer to question #2:  Well we need to come together and build tiny homes, some bigger than others.  Some for single people and some for families, including mom, dad, and child. We can make a garden to grow our own food with a school. We can have a play area. It will be like a little community.


Person #8:  I'm not quite sure what specific type of crisis I’m in or can just say general crisis.  So I left home (my husband and 3 daughters) to go to rehab for heroin.  While I was in 28 day residential treatment, I decided not to return home. I didn’t want to continue to expose my kids to all of what comes with my addiction (ex: being sick). But as a result, I eventually became homeless.  So being homeless and alone I was at a higher risk for trauma, right?  So I got into a guy’s car at Wam and he tricked me into getting into the back seat by saying we were going to pick someone up. He never did pick anyone up but he raped me repeatedly in alleys, in east Denver in alleys.  I thought I’d comply so I could escape with my life.


Answer to question #2:  I would probably --- report something somewhere or maybe ask someone to watch my kids. Or probably find a side hustle or try to participate in a survey or something?  Actually, now that I think about it, I have been in a similar situation and I sold things on ebay to suffice others.  I’m being rushed, so bye.


Person #9:  The day I received word of my mom dying and I was in prison. And -- allowed to go to the funeral.


Answer to question #2:  I would probably find the --- drug dealer and have him find me the drugs to sell only to pay for rent. -Jeromey Wood


Person #10:  I went to jail for possession of an illegal substance.  I hadn’t been in trouble for at least 10 years.  I did a 5 month stint for not completing probation before.  I went to jail.  I could skateboard and did everywhere.  I have a condition called degenerative hip dysplasia.  Well, when I got out of jail and got high as a kite I boarded back and forth from Aurora to Denver a few times.  When I came down I couldn’t skate any more.  Now I can barely walk and await total hip replacement. -Denver, CO


Person #11: My worst crisis experience was when I was a part of my first sweep.  It was when they shut down Lincoln Park on Colfax & Broadway. The night before, I was given some LSD.


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