Broke, Black, Brown and Disabled Poverty Skolaz Release 8 Books!!!!

admin_general - Posted on 31 August 2021


Black/Brown/Disabled/Indigenous/Houseless PovertySkolas release 8 PowerFULL books of poetry, art and liberation  about our struggle, resistance and solutions  (including the Homefulness Handbook -How to Build a homeless peoples solution to homelessness)


- Crip Lyrics: The Unapologetic Poetry of Disability by Val Vera

- The Sidewalk Motel: Poems from a Poverty Skola & PoShunary by Tiny Gray-Garcia

- Kai Talks about the Missions by Angel Heart

- What's My Address? by Lisa Ganser

- Chimalli by Muteado Silencio

- Las palabras tienen poder para construir y destruir/Words have power to construct and destruct by Ingrid DeLeon

- Self v. Self by Audrey CandyCorn

- The Homefulness Handbook: How to build a homeless peoples solution to homelessness by POOR Magazine Family


Books will be available on -writers available for readings and events 

RSVP here for book launch at Aunt Lute on September 15th at 5pm:



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