About us With us or without us?

admin_general - Posted on 21 November 2021

About us With us or without us?  

By Momii Palapaz /POOR MAGAZINE Poverty Skola

The pouring rain, a waterfall of tears from above joined us, crying with us as we walked in Lummi Nooksok land.  As the wind pushed us to visit brothers and sisters living in walls of cardboard, limp with wetness, we were constantly reminded of the war on the poor, Black Brown, the homeless, the disabled.  

My stomach trembled and the ache rose to my chest and lungs.  I felt heavy, my shoulders quivered.  A witness to the results of centuries of violence on First Nations. 

Am I a spectator, a watchful bystander to this crime?  NO, I cannot see myself digging into the crevices and folds of lies and deceptions, without uttering a word, or a photo of proof.  This is not a spectator sport, where you can coach fractured lives.  This is not a game of monopoly on a board.  This is War.  But how do you or I participate in the theme of “about us with us or without us?”

POOR SETS THE TONE.  Making it clear our role.  POOR gives the ingredients, the basics and enhancements.  The entree may change but the menu everyday stays the same.  I am still gathering understanding of this critical piece, this priority in mapping a plan.  We are our own reporters, recorders, disputing what the “doctor” may have ordered.  We can dispute your observations and connect your thought associations.

Many challenges and tests are in our future, tomorrow, next week, next year.  As conscious as can be, let’s talk about we.  Not rock stars and divas but as roadies of leaders and compassionate speakers. 



This is the seed of pine

a culled grain of rice

seeking pearls of wisdom


I am a descendent of manifesting destinies,

Feared and hated by white men

The anti asian exclusion act

Angel Island Cali coast Ohlone land

I am a descendent of Japanese people

New Mexico Louisiana Kooskia Idaho

Tule Lake Topaz

I am a descendent of immigrants

Farm workers

cleaning ladies




a mailman

assembly line


this is the seed of pine

a culled grain of rice

seeking pearls of wisdom

we are all connected




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