Homeless People Need Homes

admin_general - Posted on 22 November 2021

Homeless People Need Homes

By Amir


In Bellingham, Washington, houseless people have increased since Bellingham destroyed the campsite. They protested at the city hall and now they are on the streets by 742. The number of houseless people has increased since the city swept hundreds of homeless people where they slept. 


Bellingham Jefferson Park police at least swept like 200 hundred people. People got swept right under the highway bridge. Also, the weather out there is hard for them to survive, barely holding their belongings together. 


In Bellingham, people are forced to not to be in their own tents and Bellingham has no recourse to help them. People are instead put in jail for sleeping in their tents. 


I interviewed some houseless people in Sunnyland. “I Never set for camp for anywhere because it's good to keep on moving in Bellingham, Washington because there are straight up killers out there and some people like to prey on the people that do set up camps here,” said David.


I interviewed Jason Slaughter. Covid made him and his girlfriend homeless. They had nowhere else  to go but on the streets. He wanted to build a bicycle shop with all of his tools but the police harassed and took all of their stuff.


In conclusion, Bellingham needs to provide more resources that reach houseless people and help them through the process of getting houses for them. 


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