PNN Roofless Radio Eugene OR - Sam

Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021



all right well my name's sam um i'm 24 years old

um i was born here i didnt grow up here

i've been here you know off and on 

throughout my life with the you know

foster system and periodically i’d come back 

you know the past year 

it's just not a pleasant one

eugene has changed i went to prison back

in 2017

when i got out

recently here in May and

i don't feel like eugene is the same as

it used to be the people the energy is

not the same as it used to be

There’s a very negative vibe

very dark but i like it

yeah um it's very anti-poor people and it’s disgusting, yeah some of the

stuff that i see going on around here today

They make our lives harder than they need to be

It’d be nice to know why but honestly I don’t care

I don’t know the fuck why they do what they do

I just think it’s disgusting what’s happening all over the place

This park in general since i have been

out and i have been out since may 4

is this is probably one of the

biggest dramas you know um

there's a lot of drama that goes on in

this park a lot of stupid ass crap

like you know fights over the stupid

you know what i mean

what not in conducting but i mean to

enter the energy towards us people in

general as you can’t forget the

this whole city hates us



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