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Tiny - Posted on 23 November 2021




Um well I was married for like 15 years and then I was, I got a divorce. And um I was trying to get back into the workforce and since I've been out of the workforce for so long it was really very difficult. I had my young son and um it was um it just it was a rollercoaster of you know, yea we're gonna get you housing. No, we're not, you know. And then um when my ex-husband took custody of my son it was like I was on the bottom of every list. so i've been on the housing list well I thought I was on the housing list for almost eight years. And then just recently I found out that since I didn't check in that I've been off of the housing list since 2017. So I thought well okay but I don't know whatever. And then they said also that they've red flagged me from housing because the Bellingham police department did, because I assaulted a police officer which you know was like a long time ago. Whatever, it's been almost 10 years and you know I did my time for that so I mean I feel like you know that shouldn't be a reason that you can't they they have people with literally with ankle bracelets that are you know like you know child, like you know related crimes and you know in-house. 


Yeah, okay um so, one of the questions that we asked we're. all poor people we're all houseless, formerly houseless folks we're building this people home from this right we say for homeless people to wait for the homeless. Um it doesn't involve the state it doesn't involve the banksters it doesn't involve the police. It's a liberation movement, right? And i'm just curious for you because we asked each poverty scholar that we consider ourselves struggles like oh right what if you had a vision if you had access to land would you would that be something you'd want to do and build your own what was the vision for you be? 


I think it would be absolutely awesome if you you know by some sort of great luck you know somebody donated a big piece of land so we could have our own sort of a tent city. And we could just yeah and we could just regulate it you know and um just police ourselves you know. And I mean just kind of like the tent city that we had down at city hall last fall. 110% difference with the police after that. I mean it was a horrible scene at first but after that like literally like I've been here since the Laurel Park broke up, the last tent city and like so that was like in April, so I've been here you know however long and they haven't I've seen them one time. So I mean...


The relationship changed? 


I think so, I think a lot. And I think they were like really they found out like exactly you know how peaceful we could be and how we could work together. I mean if they're not and plus the covid helps, I mean they're not taking people into jail and stuff like that right now. So I mean but still it's like you know it's not a crime like you said. You’re just down on your luck and then months turn into years and pretty soon, it’s been like 8 years. 


I just want you to know from our perspective we're just trying to share this medicine here from down in Oakland and you would be considered a leader in this. I just want you to know that. Yeah. Alright with any luck.. 


I’m just trying to take away the stereotype of a homeless person, you know. Because you never know the story behind it. 


That part, right there. Thank you. 


Can we take a group shot?


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