Cleaning is Settler Code for Evicting from Winnamucca to Frisco

Tiny - Posted on 10 December 2021

”Cleaning” is Code for Evicting From Frisco to Winnemucca- The UnHoused Nation Speaks

By Tiny Gray-Garcia , Daughter of Dee, Mama of Tiburcio  

Photos by ManRed 


This poemCast goes out from the UnHoused Nation From Frisco to Winnemucca


And don’t get it twisted - 

This isn’t any melting pot domiNATION


This poem goes out from the light-brite daughter

 Of a traumatized disabled woman of color


Fuk U wite Bitch 

She would scream at me 

at least once a week 

When the terrors would wake her in her tortured sleep 


There are so many reasons our bodies are on the street 

A Roof to sleep safely - is only one of them - Best Believe

Its called Eviction, PoLice Terror, domestic Violence and poverty


Im screaming from the margins/ the street corners/the inside of a needle and the unbelievably cold nights in the doorway  of a church steeple 

All that you work hard so not to SEE 


Im shouting out 

WE a FUKING rainbow on these stolen indigenous streets 


"I cant go back to my family,

Caused too much harm"

Manu, a Tongan elder living in his car


Arrested/Profiled for walking while black in a walgreens

Whispered Jonny R- a Black Young poverty skola 

“No I won’t stay in a shelter ,You cant make me…. 

They torture you there,"  

And then he fell into a stare


Kelly J- a houseless wite disabled woman 

Beaten almost to death 

"By my ex," she sez

"Its why I cant walk today "


"This was set up as a colony for Homeless Indians - now we are getting evicted, said a 1st Nations elder leader from Winnamucca Indian Colony


We are not One nation- 

Please don’t fetishize our lives 

Savior No- u can’t wash the Trauma out our houseless eyes 


I come from the UnHoused Nation- we r so many colors and cultures, generations and creations- languages and disabled iterations -alongside my brothers Leroy and Keith in the Krip Hop Nations) We r not one people and this aint no Melting Pot Crock


Its a poor people led movement that clearly states - Krapitalism aint a Human way- That private property, hoarding, Evicting and speculating is Violent and isn’t OK 


Mama was a (Marcus) Garvey-Ite - believed in Self-Determination was all that was right- Wite houseless people poor or not overstand and claim your wite privilege and the little bit less hate it grants u and then lets get down to poor people movement business- these are the principals of Homefulness and POOR Magazine- lifting up poverty scholarship informed solutions - not more non-profiting un-Movement 


This PoemCast comes from the UnHoused nation and the spirits of my Mama Dee, Luis Gongora and Luis Temaj- silenced voices- tortured choices- all those peoples you threw out - nervously don’t speak about - barely see throughout- criminals you think, call us, pass by us EVEERY Fuking day- no doubt. 


As krapitalism crumbles - pls listen to our broken mumbles- we r your mamaz, uncles, papas daughters- we r all colors, abilities, genders and cultures- even un-sexy wite- and yea we aint user-friendly or cute- rather, we hella CONfusing you 


This ain’t a melting pot - More like “Swept into a ditch to rot- 

From Eugene to Berkeley the Evicted and UnHoused Nation comes to you loud and clear - pls listen closely there is a lot to learn here- from the bloody paper trails of Treaties to the So-called Grant Deeds- how does a piece of paper even mean u r safe or own Mama Earth any damn way?


From Frisco to Philly - Winnamucca to Olympia - us poverty skolaz have so much to teach - The Unhoused Nation Speaks....   

“For 70 years- Since 1951, this has been home to me…said Winnamucca elder leader Barbara George Mills….A woman claiming to be the chairman of this colony came to our doors with a big ole white man carrying a pistol…” Barbara went on in her powerful interview with Po Peoples Radio to describe a terrorizing struggle led by a woman from Southern California who suddenly showed up claiming to have legal rights and evicting elders and demolishing the humble trailers they lived in, leaving them houseless, under the standard colonial, classist , racist lie of Cleaning Up the colony, the same one that is used to “sweep” encampments of houseless disabled elders and folks on every street in Occupied Turtle Island.


“The elders are re-instating their right to autonomy- and standing in resistance to live their lives as they should in the place they have called for home for generations. They currently have been facing forced evictions by bulldozer, said Jenn BearCat- a water and land protector who has been standing with and praying with the elders in Winnemucca, along with other young indigenous leaders.


The colony borders the town of Winnemucca and lies within rural Humboldt County,The land for the colony came from two executive orders signed by then-President Wilson in 1917 and 1918. Together, the orders assigned 320 acres to Northern Paiute and Western Shoshone Native Americans without a home or reservation. After 1st Peoples moved onto 20 acres of land owned by the Central Pacific Railway, the federal government bought the land and gave it to the colony in 1928


I had the blessing of meeting Jenn and hearing about the resistance at the annual NoThanksNoGiving event hosted by Klee Benally and others from


“The woman who is harassing us now is the descendent of peoples who left the colony in the 70’s to move to California for jobs and property that was offered to them. So now she shows up claiming this land as their own, trying to evict everyone on this colony- they have put a chain link fence all around the streets and have bulldozed homes and are trying to evict all of us so she can build apartments to rent to the miners who work near here.


The “Clean-up” crews of these colonial occupied towns of San Francisco, Oakland, Denver, Olympia, Bellingham and Eugene systematically throw tents, sleeping bags, medicine and walkers away from already evicted people, sleeping on the streets, leaving people to die in the cold. The "clean-up" crews of Winnemucca have already cut utility lines and removed access to water and electricity or many of the elder residents. In March of 2020 the speculator forces of Winnemucca began and endless assault of demolitions, evictions and so-called clean-ups even when the Center for Disease Controls were mandating shelter in place requirements. Just like the mayors of Oakland, San Francisco  and more did to houseless peoples living in tents. 

Barbara went on to explain that this woman has hired her own judge, lawyer and tribal police…


For any readers of POOR Magazine and/or survivors of Bay Area evictions and homelessness we know so clearly the violent stories of eviction, homelessness and subsequent death 100 year old Iris Canada, 79 year old Lola McKay, indigenous, houseless Luis Gongora and Luis Temaj ( burned alive for sleeping outside) and to foreclosure and homelessness survivor Kathy Galvez, to my own Mama Dee and me, Black, Brown, Indigenous and poor wite people lose our homes and lives everyday behind violent paper trails and eviction notices in this occupied land. 


“No-one has title to this land, it was set up by the Federal government for homeless Indians”, concluded Barbara. As Barbara spoke my mind went back to Kathy Galvez, co-founder of Homefulness, who lost her San Francisco home of 40 years even when she supposedly had “the title” in the ways that colonial paper, bankkksters and lawyers steal poor, Black and Brown peoples homes everyday when private property is the church you abide by on already stolen land. 



POOR Magazine houseless, indigenous youth and elder warriors stand with Winnemucca elders in resistance. The elders are asking for legal help from an attorney that is familiar with Tribal law and contracts. Please urgently get in contact. Follow them on IG at Manred2014 or you can email and we will connect you. In addition you can donate to them on $DefendWinnemucca or on Venmo at Frontline-protectors To listen to the Po Peoples Radio Podcast with Winnemucca elders and Jenn BearCat- click here 



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