Bank of ComeUnity Reparations Emergency Holiday Ask

Tiny - Posted on 13 December 2021

Donate at this link for all of the Below Listed Asks- or Venmo: @poor-magazine - or on FB here 

Bank of ComeUnity Reparations- a sacred vessel that has NOTHING to do with Bankkksters or Extractive MoneyLenders, but was created and informed by Houseless/Formerly Houseless, Disabled, Indigenous, Evicted, Border Terrorized & Trying to Heal Mamas, Uncles, Families and Elders working alongside conscious, decolonizing/DentriFUKing Wealth-hoarders who graduated from POORMagazine's PeopleSkool & practices the teachings of #PovertyScholarshipTheory- and supports poor peoples all Year in the #PoMamazDiaperFund, #SlidingScaleCafe #RoofLESSRadioRadicalReDistribution #HomefulnessHotelFund, Deecolonize Academy Family Fund & the Revolutionary Love Work Teams - & so many poor along with our Sister Poor/Black Elder led movements - #MannaFromHeaven and #SelfHelpHungerProgram- is asking for a Holiday Emergency Ask to Immediately solve ALOT of poor families urgent crisis with Housing, Hoopties, Transition to Spirit Journeys and more- see below for partial list...

-Stephanie Grant-formerly houseless, poverty skola, struggling with CPS requiring bigger home before she can regain custody of all her children $3,000

-Po Mamaz Hooptie Fund- a hard-working, healer/ single Mama - Teacher /POORmagazine/Deecolonize Academy needing repairs on her hooptie so she can get her child to school and take care of her ComeUnity- $600,00-1,000

-Houseless Haitian Family needing HomefulnessHotel Fund support for a week as mama is currently expecting a child- $3-4,000

-Poor Ancestors Spirit Fund for Beautiful SisSTAR, povertyskola, ForeClosure and Homelessness Survivor and co-founder of Homefulness Kathy Galvez who transitioned November 5th and we need to raise A Little over $800.00-1,000 - (*S/O to sisStar #rabia for referral to affordable support on this)

- Po Mamaz Housing Stability Fund - for one of our PovertySkola healer warriors currently houseless - needing to be housed before the City of Oakland Permit Gangsters let us open #Homefulness $2,000

-Homefulness Hotel Fund for 3 currently houseless, disabled elders needing to get inside $5,000

- Accessible Walkway and Parking spots (reqd by City of Oakland Permit Gangsters) at Homefulness so we can finish these homes for houseless families- (raised 50% of this already - need $10,000 more


  • Lastly - we are working with povertyskolaz and conscious, decolonizing wealth-hoarders in so-called Bellingham, Washington to launch a homefulness #3 - led by the indigenous houseless poverty skolaz of that town to support that effort - pls go to this GoFundMe link- 


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