A Constant Attack on our Unhoused Family -City of Oakland & SF's cruel treatment of unhoused people

Tiny - Posted on 21 December 2021

By Tiburcio Garcia /Youth Poverty Skola 

Last night, as I heard the pounding of rain against our roof and the heavy gusts of wind against my window, I wondered how people who reside on the streets of this city were doing. When I heard that people who had mobile homes and tried to survive in those had been removed from the streets they usually park in and forced not to come back by the city I wasn’t surprised. The City of Oakland and the city of San Francisco can be relied on one thing; their unfair and oftentimes . From Oaklands Anti-Houseless Barricades to San Francisco's Cages for Unhoused People, and the sweeps that happen every day, rain or shine in both cities, there is a constant attack on our unhoused family that never helps, only hurts. 

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, Oakland has tripled funding to fight homelessness to  $63.6 million, though it’s still a fraction of what San Francisco spends, although San Francisco is both a county and a city, which Oakland is not”, says an article in the SF Chronicle published last month. To anyone reading this, you would think that Oakland cares about keeping their unhoused population safe, especially during the winter where the rain beats down like so many cold bullets. Oakland didn’t stop sweeping last night, or the night before, and have continued to sweep regardless of whether the people who they are sweeping have anywhere to go.



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