It's Cold Outside

Tiny - Posted on 21 December 2021

By Momii Palapaz/PNN Poverty Skola

About 4 ft high and wide, the yellow barricades, weighing tons, are literally taking up parking spaces everywhere houseless folks are hoping to settle in.  Disturbed that people are living on the streets, the City of Oakland has delivered concrete blockades to streets along San Leandro Avenue and near freeway exits. 

Libby Schaaf’s bizarre solution comes once again under a particularly cold, wet and blistery winter season.  Not only cruel and malicious, the costs of implementing this hurtful decision continue to pile up houseless people while presenting a facade of cleanliness.  The mayor has found a friend in Fred Flintstone to repurpose a neanderthal quarry of concrete…

As many already know, Roofless Radio reporters who regularly report on encampments, found that after a major sweep by the City in late November and early December, over 20 yellow and white concrete blocks were placed to deter homeless from parking their car, camper or RV on city streets.  Where did they go?  Where were they forced to move to?  Sweeping the street of humans, sleeping on concrete, in cold unheated tents is deep trauma that doesn’t end with a night on a cot or chair in a makeshift shelter.  Your valuables, your clothes, photos, diaries, identification papers and information are all thrown into a big dumpster.  Gone.  Reduced to nothing.  


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