The streets of San Francisco

Tiny - Posted on 21 December 2021


By Amir Cornish 



‘’We are treated like criminals for sleeping on the streets even though America is the one who  made sure we have nothing to eat’’. 


‘’This country left us jobless,friendless,loveless, and most of all homeless’’ 


I interviewed Tibu while I asked some questions. I noticed Tibu's face slowly dipping into a darkness that his eyes are slowly closing while barely moving ,his lips drifting away saying me my mom, and grandma have lived on the streets of San Francisco his whole life  with his tired lips logging into space.  


On the sidewalk of feet passing by. We holding  up cardboard signs and we usually get a wary eye, and are always on the move. While i interview in my brother felt  when he say, his from san francisco 


“I want to be a lawyer” , slowly falling off his chair but when I looked into his eyes, he was certain that he wanted to be a lawyer and tibu said that  he wanted to work for the people.    


I worked an Aquarium job and I worked at the front desk wearing a bluejacket giving out tickets to people who barely speak any English but helped by speaking Spanish .  


My grandma is from philadelphia and my mom is from La who created homelfuness who became an ancestor into the sky, Mama Dee was the mother of tiny who was a poverty scholar that created homefulness for poor scholars like her.   





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