NOT IN MY BACKYARD: houseless communities find doors slam in their face

admin_general - Posted on 21 December 2021

By Momii Palapaz/PNN Poverty Skola

NOT IN MY BACKYARD: houseless communities find doors slam in their face. Colonized thinking thwarts support of housing for Black and Brown living on the streets. Interview, comments on radio call ins.  Direct toward Japanese community and the past.What if the houseless were Japanese or of other Asian background? Chickens come home to roost. Connection HOMEFULNESS


MAYBE YOU SHOULDN’T PETITION:  Oakland Rent Adjustment Program makes it difficult for tenants to confront landlords.   Recently experienced an anti-tenant process in filing a petition with the Rent Adjustment Program.  An incomplete petition dismissed an impending hearing over decrease in services.  Indications of this process travels to other areas of the collusive, bureaucratic system of capitalism and the City government and beyond. Connect POOR permits


US MILITARY AND IMPERIALISTS DESTRUCTION OF INDIGENOUS LANDS:  Okinawa has been staunch in its disapproval of US military bases.  Elders are in the forefront of Okinawan and indigenous descendents fighting US expansion, destroying local neighborhoods and citizens, land, air, and water. Interview w/Okinawan in USA, Japan supremacist and affects on Okinawan people. Connection Pearl Harbor, environmental 


Music is a motivator and uniter:  Vacaville music Program brought inmates together from all racial corners of the penitentiary.  Warden and administration break up unity amongst prisoners.  Interview, radio call in and sharing music. Connection prisons epitome of system, repression, suppression. On other side: programs inside today


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