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My name is Christian Sacksteder.  I am from Bellingham and am a mix breed of Irish, Native Alaskan and Lummi.  My culture is to be more open with how I feel, To help more than just my family who is in the same predicament I am in, homeless, in the struggle, Though I also have my own beliefs in the creator and the medicine hoop, I also believe in other religions.


I am homeless w/multiple mental health problems and lack of faith in my ability to keep positive change.  My culture is all I know, what I learned about it is limited.  I want to learn more about All parts of my Heritage and cut ties with my Foster families and my adopted family and follow my desire in my music making…


John Jefferson


Slam bios

I am Pacific Northwest and Indigenous from Lummi island.  I am Native American.  I see

all those lost souls and hear out these

Smelly stinky streets and

Taste fresh windy air and feel

The taste the flavor of the

Cigar also smell it.


I see a lot struggle and homelessnes.  I don’t want that.  I want survival & to survive.


     I feel the smooth and long smooth sheet it feels like my soft silky blanket.


  1.  I see the forest when I look down at the ground cause that comes fro the forest.

  2. I see tree chopped down 

well look down at this sheet paper

  1. I see the forest in some of corners when I look around the room

  2. I see more blessings when I look around the room




Alex Coleman


I come from the Pacific I am Alex 

I came from the bottom and I’m 

Trying to come up.  I hear my family

I taste the blunt  felt the

Pain I smell victory.  I had to

Figure life out at a young age in school


I struggled through foster care and became homeless multiple times through my

Live I was addicted to pills but quit that


I felt hands I saw everyone in here

I heard snap.


There’s a vibe uncle Jhon People who have struggled itsIts bright.  Its full  of people there’s pump?

The need For love

Fooll ? with positive

Don’t need room for negative

Open heart for the passion that love ones show

In action

It’s the move It’s also the mood

Forge the rep   don’t need stop

Motivation turn your heart straight to determination


Miguel Angel Maneilla

My name Miguel Angel Mancilla

I’m from San Diego, California.  My side of my family is from Both USA and Guatemala but i have an adopted family that from California.  I’ve been through the struggle and grief.  There were times where i had to be a thief.  I’ve been insulted and beatenshit i can see wy i was in Utah servin 5 years in treatment.  Even though its hard i keep workin on me Because in the end giving up is never a plan B.


I feel a thin notebook with smooth pages.  I also feel my plastic pen.  I can hear people movin around and chairs sliding on the ground.  I can see my pen drifting on my paper.



1 anonymous


Poverty skolar

Paving the road to hell

Poverty scholarship


What is knowledge? Anything that’s

An experience

Violnce of ex?

Privileeege of Privacy

Knowledge you have is

Crisis is individual

Poverty skolar

Hiding is the root of




The second isue ? 

Find problem


We have to mess up the colonizer


Other us ignore us-

Multi verse- “houseless”


Privilege enables heading in away

That never gets talked about

Shu - secure housing unit



The revolution  will not be in a

Melting pot

Melanated ?- Yeshwa

United Snakes


Blood stained dollars are real

Unpaving the road to hell

Indigenous helpers

Poor People Movement- for & by

Poo people

Inferred criminality of our choices 




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