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The place I see

Is in my Head


Along with many

we’ve been misspelled


Friends I called

Are friend still all!


Knowing this I stay, strong !!!



Once it’s swell

There will be no Tells


Until Then we cling

To wills


Staying Free means

more for all


See n brighter every called

Forms Form From which

we toil


Stay strong we can’t go wrong!



So many eyes

We see From all


Together strength is

Growing strong


Fountains strain to

Free us From


Tears and Forces

Beyond This wrong!!



In a house we formed

a Family won


But in a  moment it was



Todays not fased

Like before I boomed


What’s left is a bit



If I Hold To you

Can we see it Through


everyday I’m still ok

When your nearest muse


Feel Free To express To me

Things we ight exceed


It’s Just so so

We sHould sHow


From where we Place our lows

Light grows ito all ours woo’s


Breaking them more and ore

Until we glow








Ty Scott


   Early July, 2020 I faced the harvest time in my life!  During that time my life was flipped upside down and trampled on, my wife and 4 year old daughter were ripped away from me by a greedy drunk driver after crashing into them in an automobile accident while I was sitting at home complaining of being exhausted from work!  Today I have nothing lost my home persona items of dire importance due to being a horrible excuse of a man, husband and  a father…



White Boy rez Raised


My struggle is not that my innocence DiDn’t get taken By a females hanD, But By a knife sliding into skin as my feet left the op of my criB at 2 and half years old, my struggle is not knowing the men I killed when they crept into my parents room in august 1990 in pecawah CA. my father was on a trip to Fresno Dropping my half siBlings of.  I never have really thought about it till recently, who those men were that hate so much they died taking my innocence as a boy.


Renn Carson


Well i lost everything when i got divorced in Ohio and arrived here with 19 cents and a Black plastic bag of cothes and it was nice at first then the drugs (?) easy and it didn’t help me at all it has been my down fall thus far


Caleb Powers


My poverty started before coronia. The day isn’t certain but the year I believe was 2018.


  The system is set to fail.  God instructs us to submit to authorities.  The authorities are given there authority from God just as Satan is Given authority (not rule) over us.


The generosity the failed system offers to us is beyond any plan (man fully comprehend) All life has authority( a(?) unforeseen direction.  Trees grow tall to the sky, roots grow to the ground,  Our hopes love gain mass and mobility, insects producing for there fruits. (honey, (restate numbers?)apple trees are told to give shade, food, oxygen and housing.  Forests offer the same of apple trees but for all life.  Deserts (life, weather) oceans life.


So my point is life is harsh, bitter, poison and it takes death to grow and live.  Soil won’t grow plants life unless burnt by fire.  Fire won’t burn without oxygen.  We wouldn’t be gathered today without ? authority.  The same kind of authority that Jesus submitted to we are ? to.


We plan and forge our direction and bring it without ? in Jesus way.  But we must love our enemies and give praise when we are oppressed. ? teaches us patience and evert other characteristic we need to offer.


God shows through the creation that his voice through faith that his words works and real. Our voice is beyond our minds.  What everyone speaks matters.  God says we can only find 

ourselves though sex.  And what we take in and what we say.  Nothing that take in our body

defiies us. Its what comes from our voice because we say only whats in our heart.



Shon McBride


My biggest struggle is being able to eat because I have not had enough to eat and sometimes my stomach hurts because of it.  I know theres hope I Just Keep going No Matter What



Russell Thompson


I became Homeless at the age of 14 years old.  I grew up in a very abusive family and a town where there were no homlessness at.  I had to grow up Fast, it was a hard struggle and still is.  You can’t let things get to you or you wind up doing things that are not good for anyone.  Still I struggle with abuse, not from my family but from the community that don’t like the homeless and shot at us try to run us over in their cars or stab you like I was on July 3, 2021.  So If you think HOmelessness is a easy life think again, we have it 10 times fold than the pedacured life in a home.  Keep it real and true and honest and you’ll be okay no matter what is thrown at you.



Erik Vincent(Leaf)


My moment of crisis was the Day a change in the right direction occurred.  I had been living with my Ex. with 5 kids and the rug was pulle dout from Beneath my feet.  Her Boyfriend moved in and me out.  I don’t Blame no one.  Spirit Guides us where we need to be so we can learn and grow.  But most of all forgiveness towards others and most of all yourself.  We are all walking each other home.  And I know I have much to give.  I stand for love with no agenda, no boundaries, no limits.  Love is the only truth.  Its what you are.  You are no more than what the ocean is.

Thank You and May Your Days be Blessed. “Leaf”



Benjamin Alan Larsen


I’ve Been homeless for 10 ½ years on and off.


I use to get woken up at by the security

Just Before the

Cops would come through

At and I use to stay


Underneath the diner

After hours and sleep

At the over hang I

Use to get kicked out

Of newroads for

Hanging out at the

Back of it after

Hours waiting for

Services I’ve also

Round the Best

Dumpsites some 

like the glass dumpster

Or the ? dumpster

I appreciate people

Like this who

Come out ?

Curious about are




My name is Roger

    I’ve been struggling with mental  health & homelessness for 30+ years.

    The struggle is real.   Affordable housing is not the sole answer.  Wrap around services must be included. 

     Until this nation elevates mental health care & accessibility…we’re all mopping water.

     For example. You walk into your kitchen.  THe floor is flooded.  You look up to see the sink running, stopper in sink, water flowing onto the floor.  Instead of turning of the faucet, you grab a mop to clean up the mess.

     We need to turn off the dam faucet, provide proper mental healthcare & wrap around services.  We do that?  We can clean up this damn mess.




For me the passing of my wife too the sails out of me i quit my job started drinking my house got foreclosed on and i started to do heavy drugs aFter that I started to hate myself and got depressed and couldn’t pick myself up


Angel Emerson

My name is Angel, I have been Homeless since 2018 Because of my Abusive ex Fiance andmy depression, and lack of valid State ID and birth certificate



Struggle Psychological—------


Every single day that I am conscious, I experience the heartbreak and the physical pain associated with ? a loved one to death, my 13 year old and I had no where to go, here in Eugene, June 27th 2018—My ex Husband put my child and I on the street, in the 4 corners neighborhood-it was summer- so, I got a tent from someone I had still friends with, “Robin”.

And my child and I set it up on the river bank, on the 8th of August.

A man approached m, and asked, “I would like to offer you the opportunity to allow your ‘daughter’ to have the best experience possibly like you would dream ‘her’ to have, to lose ‘her’ virginity.  Wouldn’t that be an answer to something you would pray for her to have??”



In California they will give you a motel voucher, I know because it a resource I HAVE referred people to while working in a drug & Alcohol treatment program that also had a houseless/community outreach that was once my pet projects- providing resources, services and any information or personal assistance for anyone in need coming in the front door (Catholics). Anyway—


‘WE DON’T DO THAT HERE”(? To motel workers specifically any ? emergent what’s so ever)




I did as instructed

@ 18th AMazon Family CENTER

WHERE I WAS informed that,



-UNLESS YOU HAVE A VEHICLE TO SLEEP IN (you car park it across the street and then leave everyday taking your vehicle with you) OTHERWISE–THERE IS NOWHERE DURING SUMMER 










THE NIGHT THAT FOLLOWED US meeting @ the library downtown (we met there EVERYDAY & SAW THEM FOR 3 hours or more before seeing them to the 5MX stop wHERE I TOLD them to go pack up 



A JUDGE was woken @ 2AM and signed away my parental rights

? getting custody after abandonment is difficult in any circumstances

ITS BEEN 22 YEARS NO SINCE I SAW My Child-so much fallout because of the situation also caused my other child to become estranged from me—

S. McCaty (?)


p.s.  They were my only Family



Joseph J. Bailey IV


One struggle that I have is with my relationship with Jesus.  In my day to day experiences and such, I work at being better than yesterday, maturing for Heaven.  I say this to emphasize that I sense within myself (and others at times) an emptiness, insecurity, or otherwise desire for more, good or bad.  Inessence, I want to grow deeper than before with Jesus and help others 

To work in victory, just as Jesus does.  Being at this park has been extremely bittersweet because there’s always drama, ignorance, and insecurity, not to mention the “criddler” or the common thief.  Involving Jesus, I would like to host a bible study for His glory.  I would be interested in evangelism even, to let others know more than “Jesus loves you”, respectively. 

My hopes and prayers are for everyone to be victorious in Jesus’ name over every setback and influence therein causing anyone to live in defeat, ignorance, etc.



Dyson, Murdock


Lost job. Then lost the house, then no car payment, lost the car…then lost the wife, went down to despair, lost Friends, so now, no one cares.  So here I am uot here, out on the streets lookin for a dry spot to lay down my head to get a rest.  Ran out from everywhere, no place to be, discouragement & contempt is about all I see.  Wake up in the morning and take a look around & see what is around me. Go on for another round. Then you see a place where the one who have the same face are dwelling. Under the bridge huddled together.  Seems a little better.  Some friendship & some caring- about the situation we all are sharing. Other than an occasional backpack & cell phone disappearing, it’s less weary than being All alone.  So now I’m going to try’en hone my skill & someday get me house back on the Hill




1 Person

I was kicked out of my friends & family house with just my belonging no food stamps no money went to florence got all of my stuff socked barely ate and was very cold. New clothing was very hard to get in my size for being this size.



2 person


I become homeless for my girlfriend no one helped not even my parents to try and get her and me off the streets and still wont help to this day.  I lived with her in florence & barely ate and got cold and wet frequently.





MY ONLY real struggle being homeless has been that parks & Rec and the police have always target me with harassment, discrimination, & they ticket me for anything and everything they could come up with they also just take me to jail all the time for nothing they could prove I did because I didn’t do it they just hate me Because im homeless and so they steal my stuff constantly and make me start over from scratch over and over again






     For me it was when I lost my House my mom had just died i was fresh out of Prison I was clean but when I lost my mom it was off to the races so i didnn’t pay the space rent and me and  my brother lost the trailer we owned it wasn’t much but it was our Home my Family took my brother in but I was turned away which made me go further down the rabbit hole I was to High and to sad and depressed to give a Fuck and do something about it  I just gave up and I had nobody to turn to so Here I am




Middle Aged Man


A middle aged man

Weeping himself to sleep

Scared, alone, 

Vulnerable amongst the wolves

Get up and figure something out

Find an avenue, a road, the next route.

The sun started to come out.

With each good deed, a new planted seed.

Every new day feeling more and more free.

What a breath of fresh air

Every conversation leaves oneself

More and more aware.

Learning more day to day

Middle Aged Man

Think he’s here to stay.

—essmale  ?


Joe Carter ?




I never been 588 before & I made it, In these Days An Times- & Life Experiences “IT Took ?” to win make it to this park  this morning - Im just another like the other  these Days–young & old–but I do feel alil less then–sometimes  I think there is ? alil grey hair prejudice– nowadays our with the old  IN with the new– thats the way it goes– in History! But that dont make nobody, no race, no group any better than my other.”Still!” In the big picture of LIFE! So DONT pre judge cause you a time will come to be judged–by the only one who matters!




Karl Tiller:


Losing Job, because of Covid-19 trying to find shower, keeping  belonging safe, keeping tent From City Taking it.  Toilet paper 4 Portapotty’s


Poor Magazine

Karl Tiller


We Have a  Voice

Real Talk

Buying Essentials

Tobacco. Food, water,

Struggling with basic 

Essentials, canning to

Survive, Buying essentials

Before store closes.

Would be nice to have

(4 mentally ill.)

(A sound proof tent 4

People that need to vent 

Get loud) After 10:00 PM

Acquiring Tents, sleeping Bags, 

Gloves, Heat,



Tyler Young


The prosperity is missing project. The ignored lack of the ignorant ability to improve on a false societal united ideology.  Forced poverty maintained by the tax workers upon human being of a “legal” ? mind, the prohibited rites replaced rights,. The rights proclaimed of the Freelumb exspression and ability to Freely live stolen by a vote of the Governments system of laws, the you and I that disagree, do not support democracy and refuse to vote on a sham of you protect by attacks upon the Free will survivors that choose the will to have themselves choose what themselves desire, not rely on the Elect to upon your will expressed to Follow the Head of State Commander In Chief, creating the laws, enforcing the laws, criminalizing those who hinder the difference of you and I aand created police state an act of war on citizens who are not protected by a mafia regime of Hiding their king, and the impoverished that are checking, mating, and executing the king and allowed the rite of persecuting the Dreams of Jewel ? kings and queens


Rites Not Rights


“Every Thorn has it’s rose,

A Right of a Rose,


A law condemned rites

Of a Thorns throne only

For Flowers, and ? yours

For only wine, the roots 

Closer to thorn still empowers

The Father of Flower. Beauty

Above and below, in between  the neither”



No Hope in A Nope

Just like a vote.

ANARCHY Affliction

Conviction and


If I am your


Kill me. Anarchist

Democracy false Worship

Tyler Young




Partying w/ my brother every wknd- to everyday drinking to drugs



Poor Magazine

I would be Honored to work along with you— I have 5 years magazine experience as chief editor & co editor in Chief alongside Mrs. Marsters, M.A. English History, while tutoring GED Algebra to unwilling-ish students at the Oregon State Penitentiary during the late ‘90’s.


By: Charles Richard Petty, II


“A Day Dream at the Exchange”


I was living in a tent

Somewhere within

      The I-5 Salem/Keizer  Exit

Sky clear as I lay there

     Lost in my thoughts

      Wondering with Diamond thought fact:


Were I injured Today

     Traffic Noise Surround

      Would I see well another Today

With no one walking by

     I would silently

        Scream for help in vanity’s pains?


I would have possibly

     Made it through - not!

        As I & most of us at W-J

Spend most of our Time Alone,

     Lonely, mistrusting

       Not necessarily by choices…


Yet, here we are again

Question Abound

Who, What, When? Time just depends upon all

The Energy to expend

Will Mass to Spend

& the Light will be twice as bright



Dawn Woodlawn

I became homeless when I lost my job.  I was born with one kidney and it takes a long time to get on to disability.



Raven Marcotti


When I was 15 years old I Lost my Little brother to meningitis.  He was 3 years old.  I was having the best day, I was on my way to the orthodontist to get my braces off after 3 long years, of pain, humiliation, and stress of feeling ugly.  I got a phone call from my sister frantic.  “Raven, Bubbas had a seizure and unconscious on the way to the hospital,” I ran all the way there but he was gone when I got there.


Mowff Peace/ Vance M


I was born with meth, heroine, alcohol, and probably other things in my blood because of my mom.  I was taken immediately by CPS.  I got adopted at 17 months.


I was put in foster care by age 6.  I bounced all around northern and central california. Being abused and then shipped off, house by house.  Until, on my 9th birthday I ran away.  To this day I haven’t been “Home”.


Since then I've visited 47 states, spent a decade hoppin freight, had children, spent almost 5 years in prison, had a job, had a house, and battled alcoholism while I traveled.  A hopeless romantic chasing a love drunk.  I got Married. Been in rehab, been on probation and parole.  I 

have officially quit traveling and completely given upon on life in general.  I’m here to live until I die. At the ripe age of 24 I have done it all and its’ all bad.


Vance M


I am on disability due to both physical and mental issues.  I am almost 50 and have traveled for more than 30 years.  I prefer to be outside for many reasons.  I have been all over the country and have seen a lot of hate on the unhoused.  The illegal  ? behavior of the ones I call bullies with badges.  They treat a person like they aren’t people just because of where they sleep.  I had a cop that would kick me in the ribs and head to wake me up because I will “illegally camping “. ?  Who’s the real criminal ? I  ? so sick of if i;m in law school to do something about.  I’m going to be an advocate for the physically disabled mentally handicapped and the unhoused.


Amnd ? 


Timothy M Meyers


My story is like this. It started when I went to prison and got stabbed 3 times in shoulder and chest..Reason why the hardest to over come and now I am homeless with not much…to my name. But life is too short to fight one other and not help one other.  But my life is Better then ever at less ? living other fight.  But I help out alot of recycle bruins Homeless that all I know ?



Frobi ?


I would say it’s an inevitable and certainly perpetual showdown with the two sides of this coin, like the one that loves, to love & the one that loves to fight, (to love also) the moments when I’ve poured everything into something, and bee deserted like near instantaneously only because I fell to my own innocence thinking they would never, could they?  Of course when I don’t moderate and it's all vigor & theatric self sexcrifice, (never good) like my world ended by my own hand, cause, well if you don't binge in moderation, you will never appreciate the moments between the action if I always make the pace and set the tempo I never enjoy the life I enjoy as the divine art piece it is and in doing so I am at handicap for fixating on the moment for moment instead of loving the whole experience as an opportunity I was and am utmost fortunate to have experienced.  At first hand, - the art there is no wrong only well timed improvisation, to the end with it, til the suspense kills me

-the self esteem is my greatest weakness.  Finish something ?


Kristin N


There’s really too much to describe just one moment.  Watching all these people struggle to get by on a day to day basis and experiencing the same myself.  So much sadness, hurt, 


anger, violence, judgement, separation.  We’re all going through this together & to see people 


(clash/) fight to get by is heart-breaking.  All of it is.  Don’t get me wrong, I do see a lot of people trying to help each other out too.  I don’t agree with what the city is doing to these people either…sweeping them out of their spots & taking all their things - leaving them with nothing! - when they already struggle so hard just to get by…and to have to then rebuild their life again - continuously.  It’s not right, fair or just for them to mistreat us like this!.  Why can’t we all just be treated & treat each other as equal?  Why not help us a little (or a Lot!) more to rebuild our lives instead of making it such a struggle to survive?  Much  love & appreciation goes out to all of those that do help us out with so much! Let’s all respect each other & come together!




     I used to have a trailer at my moms house she moved a elementary school


Tanya Johnson


My mom moved in with a man she met and we lost our place on 13th & Olive which caused me to be out here homeless.  But I knew ? me for real



Ray’s story


There was a time where I happened to fall asleep with nothing but a shirt and pants in 18 degree weather.  How I came out here was I was renting a place and they end up taking my money and throwing me out.  That’s how I ended up here for 3 years.


Tried to find my brothers, I’m from New York City.



I left an abusive relationship and went to a women's shelter in Idaho and next morning I had CPS and cops taking my son from me.  At the time I was clean, had ben for 2 years and still lost my son.  I lost my job shsortly after and soon I had been at the shelter past my allowed time there.  Came back here to Eugene and was homeless, jobless, and had an active CPS case.

This is my statement on a crisis/struggle/survival.



Poor Magazine

Find a permanent parking spot for a travel trailer.




—became homeless because I was burped ? in the game. I start using when I was 12. And now I’m 26. I plan on going to rehab ? losing my life. I’ve been using for 10



The single most crisis/struggle that I have faced was the accidental loss of my daughter.  She accidentally overdosed on prescribed medications for her manic depression.  She was 228.

    No father, or mother, should live out a life longer than a child.

It is something that I will have to carry for the rest of my life

Gratefully her spirit is within me every moment of every day.



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