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The Disabled Ebonics Tour

by Staff Writer

Disabled Ebonics Tour is the brain child of two, talented, extraordinary, Black, disabled poets\activists, Leroy Franklin Moore, Jr. and Samuel Irving. Disabled Ebonics Tour’s goal is to display a small part of the artistic and political voice of the Black, disabled community through a mixture of spoken word, story telling, and lectures, while adding a very important voice to this year’s Black History Month.

Leroy and Samuel believe their Black, disabled brothers and sisters have lived and are still living under harsh conditions and discrimination, but like a rose between the sidewalks, they are blossoming and spreading their beauty in all arenas including the arts. Disabled Ebonics Tour will be taking place around the Bay Area, where Leroy resides, and in Portland, Oregon, where Samuel resides. They are both authors and motivating speakers

Leroy and Samuel met on the Internet thanks to POOR Magazine’s on-line magazine; http://www.poormaagazine.org where Leroy pens a column entitled Illin-n-Chilln

Leroy is the Founder and Executive Director of Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization (DAMO) of San Francisco. He has traveled all over the country and the United Kingdom sharing his perspectives on identity, race and disability, through his lecture series On the Outskirts: Race & Disability. In 2000 Leroy self published his first chapbook Black Disabled Man with Big Mouth and a High I.Q.with editorial and design expertise from POOR Magazine. Leroy has a new chapbook For the Ladiesedited and designed by James Tracy of the San Francisco Coalition on Homelessness.

Samuel Irving is a man with many talents-and challenges. However, in his own mind he is simply a poet. Named Poet of the Year in 1998 and 1999 by Famous Poet Society, his first book of poetry Quiet in a Storm received initial acclaim from a variety of critical sources. His new book Open Meditationswill be released this spring.

He is known in local business circles and the faith community around Portland. Irving was instrumental in founding and operating Kimbro Kidds, a nonprofit organization, which teaches entrepreneurship to youth who are from 7 to 13 years of age. He volunteers numerous hours presenting poetry workshops in schools and hospitals, helping children understand the healing powers of poetry. His "poetic medicine" workshops offer participants limitless possibilities for creative expression.

The Other Brother: Disabled Ebonics Tour


Places in the Bay Area- Leroy Moore

1)Feb. 6th KQED Reception for Local Hero Awards, San Francisco

2) Feb. 14th POOR Magazine The Po’ Poets Project Featured Speaker/ Workshop Facilitator at 10am. 255 9th Street (@Folsom), San Francisco

3) Feb. 11th (6:00 pm) at Erna P. Harris Community Room 1330 University Ave, Berkeley

4) Feb. 8th @7:00pm at Modern Times Bookstore, Valencia St, San Francisco

5) Feb. 15th on KPOO radio in San Francisco

6) Feb. 9th at Oakland Library, Oakland (2-4pm)

7) Feb 13th,(@8:00 pm) Java House,Oakland/ph (510) 836-5282

8) Feb 16th DAMO’s Breaking the Silence Event at the San Francisco Main Library

Dates and locations in Portland:

February 18 at Emotions

February 19 at One Night

February 20 at Springfield High School

February 21 at Love Jones

February 22 at Reflections Book Store

February 23 Multnomah Library

(yet to be confirmed)

Powell's Books

90.7 KBOO

For dates and places or to book Dis-Ebonics The Other Brother: Disabled Ebonics Tour call, mail or e-mail Leroy c/o

Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization, DAMO

820 Valencia St.

San Francisco, CA. 94110

Leroy@ (510) 649-8438 or Samuel @ (503) 233-7225


DAMO’ s Web site: www.sfdamo.freeservers.com


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