Faith and Forgiveness

root - Posted on 31 December 1969

by Morgan Brown

faith & forgiveness

another restless night

senseless dreams

light headed

shortness of breath

chest pains

stomach in constant knots

relentless anxiety

seething panic

deep pit depression

doubt arises

caught up

by haunting moments

one can run

but can't hide

too burnt out trying

since they simply rerun

over & over

within a melting mind

like hot wax

nothing seems to quench

thoughts surface


whether or not

this is hell

or simply remembrances

visiting from the past

otherwise a prelude

of punishment and cruelty

worse to come

sparing a little mercy

with which to light

something deeper and meaningful

hope soothes wounds

fear inflicted

yet only

faith and forgiveness

will ever heal

January 8, 2002

Montpelier Vermont


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