She Who Dreams...

root - Posted on 20 May 2002

CD Release by The Center For Young Women’s Development

by Tuto X/ POOR Magazine Youth in the Media Intern

I dream

because living as a poor young woman

without dreams

without hope

and who no matter how hard I try

can’t help or can’t change my family’s situation

and sometimes feel like I can’t keep on ..

excerpt from a poem by Tuto/Po' Poet

Before I joined the POOR Magazine Youth in the Media program I never even admitted that I was raised on welfare, that I was barely able to stay in school due to my families homelessness and poverty or that I was often too depressed to even want to live. When I listened to the new CD released by the Center For Young Women’s Development entitled; SHE WHO DREAMS, I began to realize the power of dreams for all people – but especially for young folks like me who often suffer in silence, cause they are too afraid to even speak, much less to speak –UP

I am the one who listens

I am strong mexican warrior

I am a mother –

As I listen to the "affirmations", one of the first cuts off the CD that features Marlene, Marjon, Cynthia, Tiffany, Latrice, Lina, Tee-jai, and Tiffany M. I am inspired not only to affirm my power as a woman, but my to affirm my struggle and my families’ struggle.

There are many excellent poems on this CD, some mixed with music, all mixed with love and vision and I urge you all to get a copy of this amazing piece of poetry- support young women speaking out and UP- and maybe like me you will learn to Dream

You can reach The Center For Young Women's Development @ 1426 Fillmore St., Ste 205 SF 94115 or call them at (415) 346-0264


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