Makin Luv 2 Freedom

root - Posted on 24 June 2002

Young African descendant poet and writer releases his first book of poetry -

a ReViEwsFoRtheRevOlutiOn Book review

by Mari- Youth in the Media Intern (and Po' Poet)

Young, African descendant, writer and artist…..I met him the first time in Community Newsroom at POOR Magazine, his name is Charles Jolivette. He was introduced as a special guest to talk about a book he wrote called Making Luv 2 Freedom. The title caught me off guard. I had to look at the book's title to make sure I heard him correctly.

After Newsroom, I was assigned to do a review on his book so I started by reading it. The cover of the book is a piece of beautiful, hard-hitting artwork. The art seems to represent the struggles that all people go through, such as hunger, love, materialism, incarceration and capitalism. In the middle of the image there is a picture of a pen. To me that represents how a person’s struggle and their source of freedom is attained through writing. The cover art was done by Charles’ girlfriend, Maria Allardo.

After I read the book, I interviewed Charles Jolivette, we discussed many issues, one of which was the title of his book, Making Luv 2 Freedom. "I wanted something catchy, something that sounded patriotic, suggestive, and sexual. A title that would grab your attention and interest you to buy the book"

I asked him what motivated him to write. He said, "Seeing people struggle, lack of consciousness in other people’s writing, and my own struggles"

I asked him to comment on his writing, "My poetry is abstract. It’s not about what you see, but what you get"

I was amazed by the consciousness and deep thought that Jolivette put into his poems. One of my favorites was entitlled, Call Me Crazy because it deals with issues of slavery, racism and indigenous peoples, to name a few, and as well, he integrated Spanish and Filipino words into the poem.

An excerpt from "Call Me Crazy."

Call me crazy but I think they stole our babies

In slavery they made me

But decapitated my family tree

So I’m searching east and west

And climbing hills and smelling breath


The walks of natives to earth

My people were here first

So, I deserve to kiss the dirt

Makin luv to Freedom is a great book to read. It opens your mind to other thoughts, ideas, and cultures. I urge everyone to read this book. It talks about issues of racism, capitalism, sexism, and the struggles of all oppressed people of this land. The objective of his book is to open people’s hearts, minds, and souls. In Charles’ own words "I want people to be conscious of history and the future"

For more information or to purchase the book go on-line to


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