root - Posted on 27 June 2002

by Leroy Moore Jr.

In Home (Un)Support Service, IHSS

IHSS what is that

I don't have a home

No support on the streets

I’m caught in the system

Dot coms moved in my home

My support system is broken

Mother in a nursing home

Father in prison for three strikes Poor, Black and Mentally Ill

Sisters in foster care

Nobody cares

Sleeping with strangers

I’ve seen all of this and am only a teenager

You hear me; I donít have a home

Uncle Sam took away my support

Hispanic, disabled and unemployed

One strike and Iím out is this Americaís past time

What is IHSS

No roof over my head

Another night and another one dead

Can’t afford a loaf of bread

Do I qualify

Cause I don’t have a home and

The INS thinks I lying about my disability

Pete Wilson thought I was a strain on the economy

You think I’m crazy

Your advice is more and more medication

You don’t understand my situation

Four jobs under the table and you call me lazy


Is not in my vocabulary

Please! English only!

I’m in shackles in the land of the free

I have no home

The US don’t want me

Disabled in my country equals no opportunity

Living on the streets in the riches country


Uhh I can’t comprehend

INS LAPD and Prop 187

Oh yeah know I understand

No money

No family

No community

I don’t need your pity

From Mexico to the US

From the streets to the hospital

From the hospital to prison

I’m on the move

My home keeps on changing

I’m just waiting

For a bed in a shelter, SRO or better yet section eight

Right now I’ll take anything

In Home STOP!

I have been kicked out

I have not been inside for a long time

Outside, out numbered, outstunned.. out out get out



No green card, no service

No income and I know the outcome


Open Letter to Gray Davis from Disability Advocates of Minorities Organization (DAMO)

I’m writing to you to voice our strong disapproval of the recent proposed change in the services of In-Home-Support-Services system! We have received noticed that in Governor Gray Davis’ Proposed Budget Act for Fiscal Year 2002-03 will radically change the In-Home-Support-Services program. As we understand this change, will cut out family members’ eligibility to be care providers and also limit the choices to one caretaker.

As disabled youth and adults we depend on our families for our special needs, support and as you know historically the family support network has played an important role in people of color communities. Most of the time the family is the only resource in disabled youth and adults, especially low income and people of color with disabilities. To cut this link inside the homes of people with disabilities is an invasion of privacy, family values and leads to separation i.e. institutionalization which equals segregation. This proposed change would unfairly hit families of color and low-income families who have lack of resources to afford a caretaker and have their own cultural norms inside their own homes.

We all know that people with disabilities live under harsh poverty so why are you taking away the little amount families get to take care their disabled. This proposed change would dig people with disabilities and ourfamilies deeper into the poverty blanket. Please realized that In-Home-Support-Services family member provides are a life or death necessity and should be left up to the families and the disabled community on how and who provides in our own homes! We demand you to keep families together by rejecting this deadly change in the In-Home-Support program.


Leroy F. Moore,

Executive Director/DAMO


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