The Civil Disobedience Hand-book

root - Posted on 05 August 2002

A Brief History and Practical Advice for the Politically Disenchanted edited by James Tracy..

A Book Review For ReViEwsForTheRevOLutIon

by George Tirado

Wow what an impressive book! For
the first time in many years a book that finally
speaks to everyone on something as basic as our right
to protest. The best part is anyone from a disenfranchised
homeless person to a punk rocker to a grandmother can actually read and understand this handbook.

This is not the kind of book that you just want to
sit down and read for pleasure, no this is perfect
group read, great for communities, such as schools and
churches and beginning activists, anyone who wants to
make change either through the environment or around an issue of
injustice, just remember what Martin Luther King
said "in justice anywhere is injustice everywhere."

What we have here is a handbook that is stripped
of all political opinions and filled with practical
knowledge. For example how to plan a civil
disobedience action, from the start through the end, covering
every aspect from the press to arrest.

Yes I will admit there are chapters which get a
little heavy for example the Henry David Thoreau
chapter "On the duty of civil disobedience" but even
though it is rather long that's Henry David Thoreau
for you and it's a very important part of the history of civil disobedience. The
reasons these stories in the first part of the book
are important are to show us we are not alone. It
shows us to have courage, that if Rosa Parks can sit on
the front of the bus, or that a hand full of rich
Harvard students can sit-in long enough to help
cafeteria workers and janitors then we can change things

With this hand book and a cool head just like
Malcolm X put it "by any means necessary we can win
the small battles which could turn into the war.

The Civil Disobedience Handbook
A Brief History and Practical Advise
For the Politically Disenchanted
Manic D Press Isbn 0-916397-76-9
U.S. $ 10.00 Now in Stores!! or go on-line to


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