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root - Posted on 23 September 2002

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by Staff Writer

Letter to PNN from The Campaign For Renters Rights

Dear PNN editor; Please publish this letter and Protest notice;

The eviction for profit system runs rampant in
Oakland. Artists are being dumped on the street by
greedy landlords who want to double the rent.

Sue Doyle is one of many Oakland artists who have lost
their homes due to the lack of tenant protections. She
also lost her garden, her security deposit, and
several paintings-All at the hands of Michael Sturtz,
the Executive Director of "The Crucible." We find his
action highly ironic.

"The Crucible" represents itself as an organization
"Creating artist rental studio spaces in an area with
high artist eviction rates and the tightest real
estate market on the planet."

These actions are a direct contradiction to what "The
Crucible" is supposed to stand for, and we believe
that those who are associated with "The Crucible"
should be aware of what it's Executive Director has
really been up to!

Protest of Artist Eviction- Direct Action Event

Join us for a night to remember as artists and
activists converge on a Crucible event & rally against
the eviction. Sparks will fly for this event!

When: Saturday June 22nd


Where: "The Crucible"

1035 Murray Street near Ashby & San Pablo)
Berkeley, CA

Letter to the editor From Michael Sturtz of The Crucible

Dear PNN editor

None of the protestors came back on Sunday to talk to me. I was
surprised; I respected the dedication I saw from them on Saturday and
felt that they were committed to uncovering the truth--especially
regarding an issue that is clearly near to their hearts.

As I know that you are writing an article for Poor regarding this
matter, I again offer you the opportunity to contact the previous
owners of the house in question.

I know that Poor Magazine holds high standards for journalistic
integrity, so I am sure that you will be careful to check facts on
anything you write regarding the situation.

Do feel free to call me. In the meantime, I confidently offer this
for print: The accusations that were made in the e-mail and in the
(frankly, rather cruel and certainly preposterous) booklet against me
are false. I handed you an info packet that included documents
disproving Sue's claims.

Thanks. And again, If you have any questions at all about the
accuracy of what you intend to put into print about me, I encourage
you to contact me first.


Michael Sturtz

Michael Sturtz

Founder / Executive Director

The Crucible

an Educational Collaboration of

Arts * Industry * Community


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