Stop Unfair Incarceration of Youth

root - Posted on 07 October 2002

by Youth Making a Change (YMAC)

San Francisco, CA Wednesday the 17th at 3:30pm in front of the Youth
Guidance Center seventy-five youth rallied to show support for Youth Making
A Change's campaign to support the JDAI process and relay the message that
the Risk Assessment Instrument needs to be implemented inorder to stop
unfair incarceration of youth.

The youth groups that represented were the United Playas, Homey, Conscious
Roots, MOVE, EID, OLIN, and CYWD. There was a speech made by Ray Balberon
and a spoken word piece by Javier Reyes of Colored Ink and Saron Angola of
SOUL. The rally was non-violent and there were no altercations with the
cops. Youth Making A Change's goal of letting city officials know that youth
care about this issue and promoting awareness to the youth was solidly
achieved. For info, contact YMAC @ 415-239-0161


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