Remeber what Mrs. or Senator
Clinton said "It takes a village"
An old African probverb on
raising children.

It's Baaaaaak, now updated.

'Ya Should've done it early first thing in the morining.

Yeah, It's a drag
or gag to Vote.

Come on, its easy, not
I-Net quick yet, though
that's coming soon... Vote

Caroline Jack Rescues Cats

But Who Will Care For Caroline Jack?

420 BEDS…

Youth organizers protest the creation of a new juvenile hall facility with 420 beds in Pleasanton

Listening to Whom Part 2

Every Mother is a Working Mother Coalition Statement at Tommy Tompsens’ “Listening Session”,

They Have Billions for War But Not a Dime for the Poor

Houseless Folks, Advocates and religious leaders march across the state in protest of homelessness and poverty

dreams of Home

A first person account of The Struggle on the streets of San Francisco for the civil rights of disabled people everywhere

I gave them no permission

Very low income disabled woman depicted in Chronicle story did not give her consent to be photographed.


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