Poetas POBRES Proyecto/Po' Poets Project

Po' Poets Project

¡un taller bilingue/entre varias generaciones, un grupo una revolucion! 

A Bilingual/Inter-generational Workshop, a Group, a Revolution!

Poetas POBRE’s Mision/Po Poets Mission

Jovenes, Adultos, Ancianos,  luchando para sobrevivir y prosperar apesar de la opression racista y economica, usando nuestras voces, nuestra poesia, nuestros cuentos, nuestra arte para crear cambio localmente y atravez del mundo.

Youth , Adults, Elders struggling to stay alive and thrive through race and class oppression  using our voices, our poetry, our stories, our art, to create change for poor folks locally and globally.

My Ancestors Cried

My Ancestors Cried

We went from creating art for survival,

to selling our art and culture to survive

sold and bought by the colonizers at a museums, art galleries.


While some of my people eat cheese and wine,

we get bought and sold creating genocide

Our Ancestors said art is done by the people

for the people not for rich colonizers


But we lost our way our culture, our art, our self

Descrinacion policial contra la raza imigrante

POOR Magazine the publication arts and education project was started in 1996 by an indigenous, landless mother and daughter who struggled with extreme poverty, incarceration and criminalization in the US. POOR Magazine, the organization, is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.



Es tiempo de Vivienda Segura/ It's Time for Homefulness

English follows...

Tierra Robada,

Nunca debuelta,

Boronas tiradas, ya no me cae,

Generaciones construyendo planes,

Intercambio por manos llenas de codicia.


Es todo de robar,

Gringos supremacistas siempre

Sin respetar,


Dejando nos sin,

Afuera y siembre sospechosos

Listos para las mentiras de los ricos,

No Thanks to The Man!

No thanx to the man
on this day
a lie crafted by uncle sam

no thx to the myths of
supposed pilgrims gifts
no thx to the killin
caused by so many under the lie of thx giving

No - the thx i have
is the thx for the land,
for creator-
our ancestors,
our corazons
our love....

So i have a new list-
not defined by pilgrims myths
coming from our collective lips

the thx i have is for the spirit of uncle al, mama dee

El Machete



El Machete


From sun up to sun down.. 365 days with machete in hand

cutting or chopping the harvest to live another day..

to live for my family.. for my love.. for my children.. with humanity

what the system did

what the system did

to me now a grown man treated as a kid

pulling me inside steady trying to get rid

forcing me in court to pay to see my kid

burnt my history soup, forgot about the lid

what the system's doing


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