POOR's Mission

POOR Magazine is a poor people led/indigenous people led, grassroots non-profit,arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, art, education and advocacy to silenced youth, adults and elders in poverty across the globe.

All of POOR's programs are focused on providing non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, art and education with the goals of creating access for silenced voices, preserving and degentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty, landlessness, indigenous resistance, disability and race locally and globally.

POOR Magazine

POOR Magazine Revolutionary Journalism, poetry, & prose on issues of poverty, racism, disability, in/migration, border fascism, incarceration, welfare (de)form, profiling, indigenous resistance, art, media, and more by the folks who experience these struggles first-hand.

(POOR Magazine -The print edition- Is currently out of print due to lack of funding. Some copies of Volume #4: MOTHERS still available by mail order. Contact deeandtiny@poormagazine.org)

Blogs and Journalizm by Poverty Skolaz locally and globally linked below:

The Unspeakable

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

The unspeakable there's an elephant in the room we all see it they can even smell it...

Farewell our DOG

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul

Today snow dog passed away, June 2nd2020

I Knew Her...She Knew Her Better

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 

The Pain in my Heart

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


I tried to pretend as if it wasn't there if I ignored it then it doesn't exist...

I can suppress this feeling, it's Mind Over Matter, self control...

Or Is It...

My Truth

By AudreyCandyCorn aka SistahSaveASoul 


I am AudreyCandyCorn A Grieving Yet Breathing Mother, the black woman is a goddess with a little g Noooooo blaspheming you see.

The Garden: The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Author: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

And The Beat Goes On

Author: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

The Helper

By: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

Sistah SaveASoul Blog, April 23, 2020

By: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

20/20 supposed to be Me And Aunty Andea Year.

Oakland Natives

By: Sistah SaveASoul aka AudreyCandyCorn

I remember being a little girl growing up in Oakland California the home of both of my parents


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