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Reno, Nevada-
“He is my favorite fighter,” Santiago, 7, looked up at me. Not a young man of many words, that’s all Santiago said and then showed me a color photograph of him with his father, small hands covered in boxing gloves bigger than him. Through Santiago’s eyes, I saw the love and hope of thousands of Mexicano young boys and their fathers in diaspora, past the lies of Amerikkka false borders, and low or no wage work, to the dreams of the first Mexicano heavyweight boxing champion to be, Chris Arreola, from Riverside, Ca, by way of East La

Tambien la luvia (Even the rain) a PNN ReViewsForTHe RevOlution movie review


"Siempre es dinero (its always about money)...." We open with Spanish filmmakers Gael Garcia Bernal and Luis Tosar driving their late model SUV’s through a lush green backdrop of our sacred Pachamama, chuckling, bickering, thinking of the ways they will produce a movie about Christopher Columbus with a small budget by exploiting the indigenous peoples of Bolivia and their lands


POOR Press 2011 Books Released in Black History Month!

“POOR Magazine has an open door for whoever wants to enter. I feel a deep admiration and respect and also an eternal gratitude to POOR Press. (POOR Magazine) I can only say thank you to everyone who helped to write my book.” Maria Molina, Migrant Scholar and debut POOR Press Author of her newly released book, “Humble Professional.”



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