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Senior Survival School at Canon Kip







Senior Survival School

Learn more about community resources, your rights and advocacy!

Especially for homeless or marginally housed seniors and people with disabilities, but all are welcome!

I’m Roger Anthony

I am not Deaf but I’m disabled
I ride a bike more like a trike
I could have been shot by police
Like Roger Anthony

Thought he was drunk
Same excuse different person
Didn’t have time to explain
Shot not in the leg but in his brain

I was only stopped by police
On my three wheel bike
Poepoes tried to snatch me off
Black & Disabled while ridding

I could be dead like Roger Anthony
Would people take a stand in my community?
Or would it be another online story
Here today gone tomorrow

Listen to Krip-Hop’s Broken Bodies PBP Mixtape

Listen to KUSF Host Jane Hash Guest Krip-Hop Nation

Thanks Jane Hash for having Krip-Hop Nation on KUSF-IN-Exile. The link is below. Jane will also write a blog about Krip-Hop Nation. Music by Kounterclockwise aka Deacon Burns,Kaya Carine Gabriel, Jesse Djquad Morin and more. Listen! Mentioned Rob Da' Noize Temple, our New CD on police brutality against with people with disabilities, DADA DaInt Fest, R.e. Spect,Poor Magazine, Lisa Tiny Gray-Garcia

Welcome to Minstrel Hip-Hop: Krip-Hop Poetic Talk Back

You have Drake, Lady GAGA, Rick Ross & the list goes on...
pimping people who use wheelchairs,
you have Deaf Hip-Hop artists fighting among themselves,
you have sighted artists calling themselves blind,
you have developmental disabled Hip-Hop artists taking shots at each other
you have hearing Hip-Hop artists using sign language,
you have people with disabilities using ablest words,
you have disabled men hip-hop artists dissing women, queers and everything/everyone
you have isms running rapid so much that there isn’t one Deaf woman Hip-Hop artist.....

Pushed & Punched (A Song)

Pushed & Punched

Verse 1
Smack down on the ground
All around the world
Seoul Korea, Africa, Canada & America
Not a drum, bones snapping POW POW

Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
By who? P.O.L.I.C.E

Verse 2
Dwight pushed out of his wheelchair
Sandy pushed to the sidewalk
Mentally disabled woman punched
What’s going on here?

Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
Pushed & Punched
By who? P.O.L.I.C.E

Got a camera
But they don’t care
Investigating themselves
On video still justice is nowhere

“Get out of my way!”

Where is Hope?-Documentary on Police Brutality Against People with Disabilities

Film Where Is Hope A National Documentary and CD Mixtape Project on Police Brutality Against People With Disabilities.

We are enter Phase two of the project which involves traveling from NY to Berkley California to do interviews with Activists , Victims and Musicians with disabilities working on the CD mixtape by disabled artists Nationally.


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