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Poemsong With A Deep Meaning: Kick Out Internalize Tactics!

Kick Out Internalize Tactics!

Verse 1

Strip to the bone

Leave you all alone

Can’t build back up

Cause they got your soul


Audio Interview with Jake Technique, Sound Producer of Public Enemy & More Back N Da Day

Listen to this interview with Jake Technique, Sound Producer & Musician who worked with Public Enemy and more.  He said that musicians with disabilities have to be more professional for the industry and talked about his experience as a disabled music sound engineer back in the 80's and now.  His Cousin is now a lead manager and does production for Public Enemy.  Listen!

We talked about:

Disabled and Riding in a Wheelbarrow: A Father’s Love ( Kampala, Uganda Africa)

Note: Through Krip-Hop Nation Facebook page I met Ronald Galiwango who lives and report from Kalerwe a suburb of Kampala the capital of Uganda. I asked Ronald Gailwango to write a story about people with disabilities in his country. Below is the story entitled ''Disabled and Riding a wheelbarrow'' Ronald Galiwango is a journalist in Kampala, Uganda

Disabled and Riding a wheelbarrow: A Father’s Love

Bill Shannon aka Crutch Master Talks About Hip-Hop, Disability, His Dancing & More

Krip-Hop Nation finally interviewed Bill Shannon aka Crutch Master. I have known about Shannon since 1995. I've always wanted to interview him about his dancing, Hip-Hop culture, his disability as growing older, his time in NY in the 80's and his work now. He even turned down a big time mainstream contest show. He made it clear that he loves Hip-Hop but his dance/art is much more than just Hip-Hop more like interdisciplinary dance and now is more into House music but still listens to Hip-Hop.

Happy Birthday Lee Williams September 2nd/ 2013 (1990's audio interview)

Lee Williams and I met in the 90's and he joined at that time Disability Advocates of Minorities Org's artistic arm, New Voices: Disabled Poets & Artists of Color. In this audio interview Lee talks about his music career, his album, Phase V, being Black disabled musician and you can listen to some of his songs. This interview was done at SF Main Library in 1998 or 1999. His birthday is September 2nd. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LEE WILLIAMS 2013. MUCH LOVE!

The Black Kripple Puts Out A Thrash Song (Listen & Read HERE)

Listen to The new song by the Black Kripple called Kraving! KRAVING (Song) Written & Sang by Leroy F. Moore Jr. Produced by thundertainment and binkiwoi  Lyrics Below



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