Community Reparations & Revolutionary Giving

PPEHRC Poor Peoples March on Washington

The Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign (PPEHRC) is a movement that is based in Philadelphia and is run by formerly homeless, poor and currently homeless people like us here at Poor Magazine.

Living Pimp-Free: The Revolutionary Change Session 2012

For More information or to register for the Revolutionary Change Session 2012 click here

Riting on Reparations (pt 1)

The following are six different "reparations" narratives by six anonymous authors excerpted from the chapter... From Removal to Reparations in the upcoming book: Poverty Scholarship #101 The Population Brings the Popular EduKashun- a PeopleSText which will be released in 2012

1) Blood Money from People with long-term memory loss...

A Bit Of Common Sense: PNN Worker-Scholar Speaks On The Airport Toiletries Scam

Tony Robles/PNN Revolutionary Worker Scholar
Monday, April 21, 2008;

To produce each week's Sunday paper, a half million trees must be cut down.

I recently attended an award ceremony of people who have started recycling programs in their residential hotel buildings. When asked what they've learned in their efforts to recycle, many mentioned the fact that it takes a coordinated effort on the part of many people to make it work. Other folks cited the need to save the planet and still others observed that it had been a long time coming, that they should have started it sooner.


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