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The Crimes of Rios Montt in Guatemala


The General who was accused                               Para Espanol

By: Julio


Labor Black n Brown @ Community Newsroom /March 2012

Labor Black N Brown @ Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine, March 2012

Community Newsroom/Sala comunitaria @ POOR Magazine- January 2012

Community Newsroom/Sala Comunitaria in January 2012- Featured Juliana "jewels" Smith, creator of (H)afro-centric: the comic and Frederick Douglas Cloy- author, teacher and mestizaje revolutionary

Terry Baum Visits Community Newsroom @ POOR Magazine

Terry Baum who is running for Mayor of San Francisco Visited POOR Magazine's Indigenous News-making Circle- Community Newsroom.

Community Newsroom at POOR Magazine is open to ALL candidates who would like to speak to the youth, adults and elders in poverty who are part of our family. POOR Magazine doesn't endorse ANY candidate running for office in Amerikkka


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