Poverty Heroes Project

Valerie Schwartz, Poverty Hero

(There will be a memorial service next Tuesday, August 13th at 2 pm at Richardson House at 365 Fulton, SF to honor Valerie Schwartz. Please join us in honoring this Poverty Hero, Valerie Schwartz, and her life.)



Poverty Hero Jazzie Collins: Rest in Peace and in Power! We love you!

“Sweet Tea”
(For Jazzie upon receiving the LGBT person of the year award at the State Capitol)

She was shuffled
Back and forth,
Shaking hands and
Wading through a
Passel of dignitaries
At the state capitol

She had woken early
As flowers
The bird fluttering

Jane "in Vain" Winkelman- Poverty Hero

An Ode To Jane “in Vain” Winkelman- a revolutionary artist and Poverty Hero


Rest in Power Compa- A tribute to Eric Quezada

I stand alone en las calles en la mision seeing places where you should be standing and remembering verdad y palabraz you said- words and chants you spoke, protests you marched in -remembering your humble revolution

Death of a Poverty Hero- Mikey Chapman

Born to rough Texas parents with a disciplinary attitude, Mikey left Texas under mutual agreement between himself and the state. He worked as a roustabout, and on one occasion he taped his own broken ribs with duct tape after falling off a ride he was setting up.

For Mama Solteras (Single Mamas) in poverty and my Mama Dee...

Thank-u mama(s)
fo feeding me healthy to run fast and always see clear

without any money near


for dreaming always of mo betta even tho

u were filled wit so much sorrow


for living through evictions and endless poverty

and never giving up the dedication

to something u saw in me


fo saving me from pedophile glances

and teaching me all your ritmo and carrying my soul  through so many dances


Our Journey Began with You and Me: In Honor of Mama Dee.










Above, always I hear your call, and cry out

"Without Mama Dee, whom there would be no me!"

Our journey began with you and me

To Trent, From Max

June 2000

I got to know Trent James Hayward in a journalism course at Media Alliance in San Francisco.

I had the privilege to work with him, the best writer in the group, for a couple of stories. He was always a source of fun and professionalism. He tought me a lot about writing and talked to me about his mother and family living back east.

Trent will always have a place in my heart.


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