Poverty Heroes Project

Uncle Eddy

RIP to my uncle Eddy
he always kept it steady
and nobody s ever ready
he had a woman named Betty
she was never ever shady
he was a boss who paid the cost
even when he was homeless he'd floss
he was a man with kids across the land
from his homeland Mississippi
to out here's bay of San Fran
another man in my life who helped me know I can
he left behind my cousins Edward and Evany
they running businesses and selling things
in colleges graduating



You saved our community from those Who would slay our community with impunity

Above us, you all love us. Down below you, we all love you!

In the land of displacement, the e victors are no longer victors

In the lens of racism, you made evil see itself

On a desk of a caseworker holding a pen you scripted lifetime benefits........to every single mom.......her child........anyone poor

Voices to Voiceless Villages. Punishment to every pillage of every village

Mama Dee's Manifesto on Class and Race Privelege

A letter from Mama Dee to the Poverty, Race and Media Justice mentees at POOR Magazine


We have read all of your applications. Many of you have had access and privilege beyond anything we, a poor, mixed race, single mama and daughter and many of our fellow poverty skolaz we work, advocate for and struggle with, have every known.

Many of you have had exciting extracurricular and postgraduate volunteer work. Exciting is the operative word here. Some of you have had well-paying and interesting jobs as well.

here it is

What the system...7-20-10
After school programs/community service
we had before Reganomics, now poor peoples
steady take our crumbs like we don't even deserve it
first black president act like is not observing
What the system did to this man treating like kid
pulled inside trying again to get rid
forced to a court that made me pay to see my kid
turned up my soup, yet forgot the lid
what the system's doing
corp. media blinding whose screwed/screwing

It was a warm night...A poem in honor of a young brother, Idriss Stelley, shot down by police


It was a warm night
the kind that drips
with pain

It was a warm night
filled with whispers
and screams

you can peel that
kind of night away
with your fingernails -
you can cry into
that kind of night
and no-one will hear you

it was a warm night
filled with you ...

Larry Lattimore - Poverty Hero

Larry Lattimore - POWER Organizer, Fighter fo the people, father and revolutionary passed away on June 19, 2009 while swimming in Hawai'i. POOR Magazine honors Larry as a family member and poverty hero with the following poems and stories. ..

(if you would like to honor Larry with your words or images please send them in to POOR by email deeandtiny@poormagazine.org)


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