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Stories from our elders.

The Life of Bill Sorro

A poem in honor of poverty hero Bill Sorro.

Aqui Estamos!- a tribute to a Poverty Hero

Bill Sorro is a Filipino American activist, labor organizer, friend and embodiment of what POOR Magazine calls a poverty hero. Bill passed away on August 27th but his work and legacy live on. Bill Sorro’s involvement in the fight to save and eventually rebuild the International Hotel in San Francisco is a lasting inspiration to a new generation of activists. Bill’s work as a union organizer and in economic justice issues are lasting contributions to the struggles of poor and working class people. Bill Sorro epitomizes the Filipino word for struggle: Makibaka...

(Listen to POOR's radio broadcast on KPFA's Morning Show at 94.1fm Monday, September 24th @7:30 am for an audio tribute by poets and community scholars to Bill Sorro)

Join the community and Bill's family as they celebrate Bill's life on Saturday, September 29th from 2pm to 5pm at Horace Mann Middle School, 3351
23rd Street (at Valencia, near 24th Street BART; parking on Bartlett

Remembering Bill Sorro

The community remembers Bill Sorro, a true revolutionary and poverty scholar.

94 and Still Homeless

A family in poverty, Larry, Bessie and Charlie, vs. the System and Poli-tricks

A Tribute to Andrew Dru Elle

Jewnbug's Tribute piece 2 one of Frisco's Finest aired on KPFA 94.1FM on the morning show on July 10, 2006

Espiritu De Mama Dee - The Roadtrip

Eldership, Ancestor Worship, Interactive Art, and a Very FunKy Roadtrip in honor of Mama Dee (Gray) of POOR Magazine; Poverty Scholar, Artist and Media Activist.

The Day Robin Hood Kidnapped John Wayne

Honoring Our Global Poverty Scholars, and Poverty Heroes...

The Veerappan and Rajkumar Story

In Honor of Mama Dee- African/Taino/Roma Skolar for without whom there would be no me

The Passing of POOR Magazine's Mama Dee

The Passing of POOR Magazine's Mama Dee


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