Youth in Media

It was a warm night...A poem in honor of a young brother, Idriss Stelley, shot down by police


It was a warm night
the kind that drips
with pain

It was a warm night
filled with whispers
and screams

you can peel that
kind of night away
with your fingernails -
you can cry into
that kind of night
and no-one will hear you

it was a warm night
filled with you ...

REAL Education Means Racially Just Education

A revolutionary proposal for families and teachers is proposed to the West Contra Costa School Board

Fighting for School Crumbs

Students and Families in Richmond, Pinole, San Pablo and El Cerrito threatened with Massive School Closures Demand Justice

The James Logan High School Soujah'z

Three poverty scholars from POOR Magazine visit Logan High School for a revolutionary Youth in Media workshop.


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