Youth in Media

REAL Education Means Racially Just Education

A revolutionary proposal for families and teachers is proposed to the West Contra Costa School Board

Fighting for School Crumbs

Students and Families in Richmond, Pinole, San Pablo and El Cerrito threatened with Massive School Closures Demand Justice

The James Logan High School Soujah'z

Three poverty scholars from POOR Magazine visit Logan High School for a revolutionary Youth in Media workshop.

It takes a community to raise a school

Parents and youth of color, a superintendent and a principal from Richmond and San Pablo take a field trip to June Jordan School for Equity in San Francisco

Taxation without Representation

A young voter of color resists

Youth Push for Discounted MUNI Pass

Bay Area youths fight for a discounted MUNI pass for struggling young adults aged 18-24.

The Tobacco Manufacturers Mitigation Fee- Makin ‘em pay!

Youth community organization LEJ is home to the Tobacco Free Project that is dedicated to fighting the big tobacco manufacturers that are unfairly targeting thier neighborhoods.

What happens when testing is all you care about in the classroom

Students, parents, families, and advocates of West Contra Costa County welcome their new superintendent of schools with a community forum on the crisis of teaching and learning in the district


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