Youth in Media

They don’t want the PEOPLE enlightened...

The Bay Area Community protests the firing of DavyD from radio station; KMEL, which is: "Not the People’s Station"

Youth Justice or Juvenile Injustice?

Youth Justice hearing in San Francisco

A Fake Life

The Story of David, a youth in and out of the criminal justice system since he was 12 years old.

Break The Silence Stop The Violence.. (NOW!)

The City's Youth speak out against domestic violence

This is NOT my War

A Low Income Youth of Color Responds to the Call for War?!

We will not be Silenced

A report on Upset the Set-up conference at Fremont High School

Youth @ POOR

Youth in The Media Internships at POOR

My Baby was going to be 24 years old

A 911 Call Meant Death for a Young African-American San Franciscan

Its impossible to turn a blind eye to murder

Cynthia McKinney Speaks on Palestine, Poverty and Politics on a tour to support the SF Bayview newspaper

Yea its me, the little Black Girl!

By A, Glover, 17/San Leandro Youth Skolah!

POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute did one of our Hip Hop Youth workshops with the Sophomores of Erica Viray's Social Justice Academy at San Leandro High School- see the Beautiful Art - read the Revolutionary WordZ from the Youth Skolaz!


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