Youth in Media

We will Be Educated!!

City College of San Francisco Students WALK out of classes in protest of tuition hikes and demand Education Not Incarceration!!

Me, No Longer Separated

By Kayla, San Leandro High School Youth Skolah!

Put your Money Where The Kids Are!

Notes from the Inside opinion editorial

A Blank Piece of Paper

By DeVaughn Glaze, San Leandro High School Youth Skolah!

Its impossible to turn a blind eye to murder

Cynthia McKinney Speaks on Palestine, Poverty and Politics on a tour to support the SF Bayview newspaper

Yea its me, the little Black Girl!

By A, Glover, 17/San Leandro Youth Skolah!

POOR Magazine's Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute did one of our Hip Hop Youth workshops with the Sophomores of Erica Viray's Social Justice Academy at San Leandro High School- see the Beautiful Art - read the Revolutionary WordZ from the Youth Skolaz!

Resources Por La Vida Loca

Resources for homeless and/or low income youth in San Francisco

No Cages No Curfews

Oakland citizens and former felons protest Oaklands new curfews and discrimination in hiring policies

An artist is a terrible thing to waste

Legislation is introduced by Mark Leno that could save public arts programs in schools and in the community

420 BEDS…

Youth organizers protest the creation of a new juvenile hall facility with 420 beds in Pleasanton


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