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The Deserving Vs. Undeserving Dead (Children)

Deserving vs un-deserving Dead
All of the killings of all of our children must stop

PNN-TV: Swimming For Change & Decolonization - Pathstar Swim Against Diabetes

PNN-TV: Indigenous Peoples Media Project Youth & Adult Skolaz re-port n sup-port Brother Luta in his Pathstar Swim Across The San Francisco Bay From Alcatraz Against Diabetes:on Indigenous Peoples Day.2012

Why the use of Tasers in a Mental Health Crisis is Dangerous and Deadly


Why the use of Tasers in a Mental Health Crisis is Dangerous and Deadly: An Open Letter to the Police Commission from Mental Health Professionals and Allies.


San Francisco Police Commission,


PNN-TV- Just Say No to GMO's (Genetically Modified Organisms)

A Public Emergency RYME - From TnT (mama-son due)


Get Involved:

SHUT DOWN MONSANTO MONDAY, SEPT 17th @ 6am- (Action goes all day)

Let's all say Goodbye to the 2012 PimpLympics


 Lets all welcome the london  Pimp- lympics


Holes in My Shoes

I remember a few months back when I had a difficult experience trying to get a pair of new shoes.  My shoes were so worn down that they developed large holes on their soles.  This happened during the winter and often times I would walk home in the rain and ended up with nasty wet sox on my feet. With food and other expenses I did not have enough money to buy a new pair.  It was definitely a big hardship not to have enough money to travel comfortably by foot.

Gabby Douglas, Damien Hooper, and the 2012 PimpLympics

My heart and eyes watched young Olympian Gabby Douglas with desperation. A  painful craving that reached deep into my overwhelmed, poverty-stricken and sorrow-filled soul.


Indigenous Youth Scholarship... Cedar Firesong Robideau Speaks!

Indigenous Peoples Media Project on the beat with Cedar Firesong Robideau. She discusses issues relating to two-spirits, reproductice justice, decolonization, and reclaiming traditions...


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