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La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento / The Immigration Reform is only a Story

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La Reforma Migratoria es solo un Cuento

Desde hace mucho tiempo suena en mis oidos la reforma migratoria el cual es un sonido que me tortura. El año pasado dijeron en las noticias que iba suceder una reforma migratoria para mas de 11 millones de idocumentados. Haci fueron pasando los dias los meses hasta que termino el año. Yo se que Barack Obama no es quien decida, pero si el presionara al congreso, estoy segura que se logrria una reforma migratoria.

I Am


”Notice of eviction: 30 days to vacate premises”, a neon yellow piece of paper pinned to the front door broadcasted down the block. In that moment, standing outside on the cold pavement street looking in, I realized this could soon be home.


This must be a mistake, I rationalize to myself, it’s probably just a mix up; maybe if I circle the block it will be gone when I get back. My fingers are already dialing before my brain can grasp the situation.


Isolation: Not Mommy's Fault


In the largest, creaky-est, most beautiful Victorian house on the block of a suburb of Detroit, resides the most beautiful Puerto-Rican, Filipina, Japanese, and White family. Each member of the family locks themselves in their own room.  The silence and loneliness in a house that is a home to 9 people is unnatural- frightening even.

The Bank Officer Gave Me A Canned Tamale


As terrifying as being on the outside looking in is, being on the inside wanting out is worse.

Needing to feed my face and pay the rent, I had taken a low paying job at the old Crocker Bank and after five years was making only around four dollars an hour doing office work.  Having come to the point of overdrawing my checking account, I asked a bank officer if she would advance me twenty dollars until pay day.  How many others have asked that question?


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