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Todos somos Estudiantes y Maestros/We are all Students and Teachers

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“Todos somos Estudiantes y Maestros/We are all Students and Teachers-

Screaming Sounds of Terror/Resistance Blog Series - a project of PeopleSkool

The African-American community suffers disproportionately from both mental health and mental health treatment.  This article is a journey through the struggle of African-American males and mental illness in Amerikkka.

The Murderous Injustice of Racial Profiling /Resistance Blog Series - a Project of PeopleSkool


            “You- are -eight-y sixed”, he unblinkingly growled through bared teeth. What is eighty sixed? I thought to myself.  The bar blurred, my pants grew moist and the rancid smell of alcohol filled my nostrils. I was on a Bar’s floor with a pool stick around my neck. Once the pool stick was taken from around my neck I instantly called the police.

you can't stay here no more /Resistance Blog Series- a project of PeopleSkool

You can’t stay here no more
me being homeless again at thirtyfour
my sister let me move in for four days
than secretly kicked me out the door
one morning leaving I said
“I’ll see you later sister.”
She yelled “You can’t stay here no more”
She was refused by my payee for extra $
So I had to go
Now she say I can stay days weekly
Days maybe even four

Descrinacion policial contra la raza imigrante

POOR Magazine the publication arts and education project was started in 1996 by an indigenous, landless mother and daughter who struggled with extreme poverty, incarceration and criminalization in the US. POOR Magazine, the organization, is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.



The Rug Metaphor

The Metaphor Exercise is one of many creative writing exercises we use in the multi-lingual, multi-racial, multi-generational Revolutionary Journalism Class at PeopleSkool.


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