Voces de inmigrantes en resistencia

Monsanto que es?/ What is Monsanto?

Espanol sigue/ Scroll down for English

Trabajos Contra Gentrificación / Jobs vs Gentrification

El perceptivo de un trabajador inmigrante en un proyecto multimillonario de condominios 8 Washington

15 Mayo, 2012

Angel Fabin speaks about traditional role of being a 2-spirit Muxe

Indigenous Peoples Media Project on the beat with Angel Fabin. Listen as Angel speaks about their nation, their traditional role of being a muxe, and much more.

Celebracion de los trabajadores internacionales en CalifasAzlan/Celebrating Intl Workers Day in CalifasAztlan

I am the 000.25- the smallest number you can think of in your mind, I didn't even make it to the 99 ....I am the mamaz, daddys and babies living in their cars, criminalized day laborers living in SRO's shelters, jails cells and houses made of card-board....excerpt from I am the 000.25 by tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia


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