Voces de inmigrantes en resistencia

My Ancestors Cried

My Ancestors Cried

We went from creating art for survival,

to selling our art and culture to survive

sold and bought by the colonizers at a museums, art galleries.


While some of my people eat cheese and wine,

we get bought and sold creating genocide

Our Ancestors said art is done by the people

for the people not for rich colonizers


But we lost our way our culture, our art, our self

Linguistic Domination, and the dissapearing of indigenous Languages/ Interview with Tiny aka Lisa Garcia

In poor magazine we believe in reclaiming our roots, culture and indigenous languages we use the Spanish and English languages at all time, even do at the end they are colonizers languages,Linguistic Domination is the idea that only English and Spanish are the dominant languages.

Descrinacion policial contra la raza imigrante

POOR Magazine the publication arts and education project was started in 1996 by an indigenous, landless mother and daughter who struggled with extreme poverty, incarceration and criminalization in the US. POOR Magazine, the organization, is a poor people led/indigenous people led non-profit, grassroots, arts organization dedicated to providing revolutionary media access, arts, education and solutions from youth, adults and elders in poverty across Pachamama.



Ingrid escribe sobre CasaSeguro/ Ingrid writes on Homefulness

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Soy una mujer Guatemalteca, madre de 4 niños.

Pobre porque haci nasi. En mi tierra me sentia sola ahunque tenia a mis hijos y a mi madresita.

Pero siempre me hacia falta algo muy importante. Cuando me divorcie me quede sin hogar.

Yo me fui a la capital con el bebe. Aveces yo no comia por miedo de quedarme sin dinero! Y sin trabajo!

The Violence of ICE

Migrant/Immigrant workers and community members organize a town hall meeting against the violence of immigration raids

Tuesday, August 26, 2008;

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UHAUL Desrespeta A todos/UHAUL Destroys U All

Los Jornaleros y sus companeros en la protesta contra la criminalización de el gerente de la tienda UHhaul/ Day laborers and allies protest the criminalization of Uhaul store manager.

Monday, February 15, 2010

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Como Pajaros sin nuestros nidos o sin alas/Like Birds without our Nests or our Wings


Taxes en Imigrantes es un Robo/The tax on immigrants is theft

Monday, February 15, 2010;


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