The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute
at POOR Magazine

The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Institute at POOR Magazine offers a comprehensive curricula of media, arts and social justice for youth, adults and elders in The Bay Area

All of our programs are focused on teaching non-colonizing, community-based and community-led media, multi-media and art with the goals of creating access for unheard voices, preserving and de-gentrifying rooted communities of color and re-framing the debate on poverty,homelessness, disability and race in the US as well as creating short and long-term social change and racial justice.

Our three main tracks are;
The Race, Poverty and Media Justice Seminar and Internships Extremely innovative, non-colonizing media, journalism and organizing training for college students and professionals in media, multi-media, social justice and media organizing
Digital Resistance #101 -104 Journalism, writing basics for print, on-line, radio, TV production, publishing, multi-media and book publication for communities of color struggling with poverty
Voces de Immigrantes en Resistencia: Media and Multi-media training for mono-lingual youth, adults and elders in print, on-line, radio and TV journalism as well as media organizing training.

Landless/houseless, Indigenous Black, Brown and Disabled Youth & Family Poverty Skolaz Lead a Tour thru NorthWest Occupied Turtle Island

Poor/houseless/indigenous youth, families, and elders share models of  landless peoples' self-determination, Po'Lice-free land liberation, revolutionary media, and art.

Hoarding Mama Earth

Hoarding Mama Earth

 A WeSearch Release & Demand for Radical Redistribution to build Homefulness #2  by Formerly homeless Youth & Family Poverty Skolaz at POOR Magazine/Deecolonize Academy

WeSearch def: Poor People-led Research- a POOR Magazine project

Punishment, Revenge, and Torture: The Heart of America’s Criminal “Justice System”

Punishment is central to criminal justice practice in the United States. Punishment is the act of making someone suffer for a fault or crime. According to the 1994 Meriam-Webster Dictionary, “Punishment stresses that giving of some kind of pain or suffering to the wrongdoer rather than trying to reform the prison.” Punishment as a response to violation grows out of the revenge concept of justice- returning pain for pain.

Papa Bear Report November 2013

Newsroom is packed this month, filled with stories.  Papa Bear comes late— says he had gotten a ticket on the bus trying to get to our sacred monthly circle.  As he sits down next to me, I can feel his anguish. And I feel my own deep sadness, because when he speaks I hear what he’s really saying: that he wants to go home, that he is tired of living a hard life, that he wants to rest. 


Response to Doctrine of Discovery by Native Youth Youth Sexual Health Network at the United Nations

I am here on behalf of The Native Youth Sexual Health Network, an organization that works across the United States and Canada on all issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights, and justice by and for Indigenous youth.

We would like to congratulate Chief Ed John on his appointment as Chair to the Permanent
Forum on Indigenous Issues and look forward to working with you for the advancement of the

TURF Stopping BIG Tobacco

With tobacco there is terrible withdrawal, it is almost impossible for a lot of people. I did, I went cold turkey, they never had any patches in those days but grass was not difficult, alcohol not difficult, but tobacco – OH MY GOD” – Anonymous

Within my childhood home, four of my family members smoked and chewed
tobacco. I have a feeling they would have expressed similar struggles attempting to
quit using tobacco. As the oldest of six siblings and cousins residing in my twelve-

Peopleskool/ Escuela de La Gente BEGINS

Scroll Down For English:


Escuela De La Gente  El Instituto de Racismo, Pobreza, Justicia en los Medios de Comunicacion

2011 Verano Horario de Clase

Todas las clases se inician  Martes, Junio 7

Rejistracion Tarde: 1er dia de clase

Matrícula en una escala móvil – Becas disponibles en Skolaz el Pobre 'Fondo.

Todas las clases son en Ingles y Espanol

TONITE: Prensa POBRE/POOR Press @ City Lights Books

POOR Press- Penetrating the Channels of Publishing Access rooted in Linguistic domination, Akkkademia, class and race privilege- please support this poor people-led publishing revolution appearing at city Lights this Thursday, July 7th @ 7pm!

an evening of readings from new work


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