Global Poverty and Resistance

Haiti Makes Its Case for Reparations

The meter is running at $34 per second.

Too poor to own dogs !!

Welfare recipients in China told they can't afford the luxury of owning pets

One Spirit Shared by Two – Pozna

One woman raised in poverty in The US travels to Africa..

The Green ($$) Festival??!...

Money is green and so was our environment...

The Universe Story

Women From South Africa Create Life-changing Art about AIDS/HIV

Lula Promised Me A Raise

The Worker Party wins presidency in Brazil elections.

Opening The Gates of Hell...

The Zobaida Jalal School offers education to girls in a small town in Pakistan. This opportunity, unorthodox until now, is spreading as schools open in surrounding villages.

Perpetual Hunger...For a better life

US sanctions against haiti increase their position of poverty

My house was made of many things…

Young resident of Manila Garbage Dump describes "The day of tears"

Homeless in Osaka

Homeless squatters evicted from Nagai Park, in Osaka Japan.


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