Global Poverty and Resistance

Haiti's Long March Toward Freedom

Reassessing the Haitian Revolution and its meaning today.

Haiti Makes Its Case for Reparations

The meter is running at $34 per second.

Too poor to own dogs !!

Welfare recipients in China told they can't afford the luxury of owning pets

One Spirit Shared by Two – Pozna

One woman raised in poverty in The US travels to Africa..

The Green ($$) Festival??!...

Money is green and so was our environment...

The Universe Story

Women From South Africa Create Life-changing Art about AIDS/HIV

Lula Promised Me A Raise

The Worker Party wins presidency in Brazil elections.

Opening The Gates of Hell...

The Zobaida Jalal School offers education to girls in a small town in Pakistan. This opportunity, unorthodox until now, is spreading as schools open in surrounding villages.

Perpetual Hunger...For a better life

US sanctions against haiti increase their position of poverty

My house was made of many things…

Young resident of Manila Garbage Dump describes "The day of tears"


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