Global Poverty and Resistance

Lula Promised Me A Raise

The Worker Party wins presidency in Brazil elections.

Opening The Gates of Hell...

The Zobaida Jalal School offers education to girls in a small town in Pakistan. This opportunity, unorthodox until now, is spreading as schools open in surrounding villages.

Perpetual Hunger...For a better life

US sanctions against haiti increase their position of poverty

My house was made of many things…

Young resident of Manila Garbage Dump describes "The day of tears"

Homeless in Osaka

Homeless squatters evicted from Nagai Park, in Osaka Japan.

Fashion Victims

45 workers were killed last week in Narsingdi, Bangladesh in the latest catstrophe involving a garment factory

Formal Education Scam

POOR Magazine Stands in Solidarity with Student Protestors While Condemning the Overt Move to Rich People Only Formal Institutions of Learning

Who Gets Heard in New Zealand?

The Scholarship of Poverty Series


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