Global Poverty and Resistance

Tiny aka Lisa Gray-Garcia's Biography

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Incarcerated for Crimes of Poverty
That’s being homeless,
Being poor
And being on welfare
In this Capitalist Society
Currently At-risk
Of Falling Back in the Cracks
On this earth
To save the world
Through the Word
And in the process –
Me and mines….

Own your own piece of paradise

One American’s analysis of travel, colonization and gentrification locally and globally

Who Should Be Allowed To Become a Doctor, an Engineer, or a Business Executive?

The situation involving affirmative action in India draws from the same roots as that in the United States.

The Crystal Blue Waters are in trouble

Homophobia and prejudice plagues Jamaica

Haiti's Long March Toward Freedom

Reassessing the Haitian Revolution and its meaning today.

Haiti Makes Its Case for Reparations

The meter is running at $34 per second.

Too poor to own dogs !!

Welfare recipients in China told they can't afford the luxury of owning pets

One Spirit Shared by Two – Pozna

One woman raised in poverty in The US travels to Africa..

The Green ($$) Festival??!...

Money is green and so was our environment...


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